Zara Tindall’s husband Mike ‘confident enough’ to ‘openly’ discuss marriage woes


ZARA Tindall’s husband Mike has been praised for “openly” discussing the pair’s marriage woes on ITV’s Loose Women.

Ms Fiorito said: “It’s worth a Google of Mike Tindall appearing on Loose Women. It’s a male focus edition of the ITV panel chat show.”

“It’s typically Loose Women but they did a men’s edition.

“I think there’s some campaigns to make this more regular thing because it was men talking about a lot of the things that they’re going through. I listened to snippets. I really enjoyed it.

Mike spoke candidly on the show

Mike spoke candidly on the show (Image: Getty)

The pair have been branded the most down to earth royals

The pair have been branded the most down to earth royals (Image: Getty)

“I couldn’t find this exact quote so I couldn’t get the audio bit but he does talk about his marriage to Zara and saying it’s not always roses and rainbows, marriage isn’t meant to be that and kids were a massive shock to him and a change to his system.

“This was my favourite nugget because I felt so validated, is that Zara has a tendency to stay angry after a fight and basically continues to feel angry like she doesn’t let it go.

“He’s like, let’s hug it out and clear the air. My marriage to a tee. I am p***ed for a week and I will be like, remember when you said this one thing 19 days ago. I have not forgotten. I guess you called it a grudge holder?

Ms Bowie added: “And I also like that Mike is just so open about things, I believe it’s very refreshing and appreciate that.

“He feels like he can share this and you know their marriage is strong enough to not get caught up in the headlines around this.

They added: “They definitely don’t get the level of headlines that Harry and Meghan do or Kate and William.”

“I do think that he feels confident enough in their marriage to talk about these things openly.

“He added that he would renew his marriage vows for 10 years. Yeah, so nice.”

They’ve been married for ten years (Image: Getty)

The couple married ten-years ago and have been branded as the “most down-to-earth” royal couple.

The couple now have three children: Mia Grace, Lena Elizabeth, and Lucas Philip.

Lucas was born on the bathroom floor in a surprise home birth earlier this year.


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