William was also reportedly unsure whether he was ready to commit fully to Kate


KATE MIDDLETON and Prince William faced “increasing difficulty” during their relationship, as one expert said the couple had to “decide where they were going”, unearthed accounts show.

Royal author Katie Nicholl detailed how William was forced into choosing whether he’d spend time in London with his family, or at the barracks in Sandhurst after joining the Armed Forces.

Alongside this decision, William was also reportedly unsure whether he was ready to commit fully to Kate, leading the Duchess to tell him he needed to give their relationship more attention.

William started his career with the military in 2006, around a year before he and Kate temporarily split.

Kate and William's 'increasing difficulty' in relationship: 'Decide where they're going'

Kate and William’s ‘increasing difficulty’ in relationship: ‘Decide where they’re going’ (Image: GETTY)

Kate Middleton and Prince William married in 2011

Kate Middleton and Prince William married in 2011 (Image: GETTY)

Speaking on the 2011 documentary William and Kate Into the Future, Ms Nicholl said: “I think Kate pushed him into a corner. I think she wanted some more commitment. William was hard at work at the military, very busy – he had exams, training.

“He was very involved with his military commitments. And I think at the same time it had become increasingly difficult for them to spend time together.

“William would spend Monday to Friday at the barracks in Bovington, so his time was completely taken up with military commitments, and at the weekends he ended up staying up with his friends, his new Army pals.

“He didn’t want to back to London every weekend.”

Prince William with Kate while serving in the Armed Forces

Prince William with Kate while serving in the Armed Forces (Image: GETTY)

This tension was also examined by fellow royal correspondent Camilla Tominey, who spoke of how the couple “needed to decide where they were going” after rekindling their romance.

Along with the pressures he felt during his career, William was also pushed by the Queen, and her husband Prince Philip, into choosing who he would marry.

Ms Tominey claimed the Queen herself also wanted William to ensure his future relationship did not follow the same route as Charles’.

She said: “Clearly it’s very different for them conducting a relationship in the full glare of the media, and with all of the trappings that William’s life as second-in-line to the throne has.

William holds his youngest son, Prince Louis, in 2019

William holds his youngest son, Prince Louis, in 2019 (Image: GETTY)

“We understand that he may have had doubts, was Kate the one for him?

“Clearly, he doesn’t want to make any mistakes like his father did before him.

“There’s pressure on him from the Queen, and Prince Philip, because they don’t want any more divorces in the Royal Family.”

Ms Tominey added: “I think there are lots of question marks hanging over their relationship, which they need to just take some time out, and get a hold of, and really make up their minds that they wanted to be together.”

William in the past has opened up about his military roles and the toll it took on his mental health.

Chief among the difficulties he experienced came when became a pilot with the East Anglian Air Ambulance in 2014, where he was based at Cambridge Airport.

While speaking to medics, counsellors, and first responders earlier this year, alongside Kate, William noted how important it was for people in those positions to get support.

A clip showed William say: “Something that I noticed from my brief spell flying the air ambulance with the team is, when you see so much death and so much bereavement, it does impact how you see the world.

“It impacts your own life and your own family life because it is always there.”


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