William ‘relished freedom’ during break-up with Kate – ‘rebellious’ body language shown


Prince William, 40, is the heir to the throne, but when he was younger he certainly enjoyed letting his hair down. A body language expert spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to explain.

Prince William and Prince Harry at Concert for Diana in 2007

Prince William and Prince Harry attended the Concert for Diana in 2007, where the brothers gave a speech introducing the acts who would perform. The concert took place 10 years after the tragic death of Princess Diana at the age of 36, when William was going through a brief break-up with Kate Middleton.

The moment was quite funny, not only because of William’s dancing but also because of the Duke of Sussex’s reaction to his older brother.

Harry looked quite embarrassed and started shaking his finger in William’s face, implying he wanted his brother to stop dancing.

However, the Duke also seemed to find the whole interaction quite funny and joined in the banter with his brother who seemed to be really letting his hair down.

Prince William was dancing and Harry told him off

Prince William was dancing and Harry told him off (Image: GETTY)

Harry pointed his finger at William to stop

Harry pointed his finger at William to stop (Image: GETTY)

Harry and Meghan’s ‘scathing attacks’ on William have triggered ‘seismic fractures’

The Duke of Sussex’s “scathing attacks” in his book Spare have damaged his relationship with his brother to the point it has created “seismic fractures”, a royal author claims. Royal author Christopher Andersen claims those seismic-level fractures have invaded all of Meghan and Harry’s relationships. As a result, he warned Prince William and Kate could give them the cold shoulder.

Judi James, a professional body language expert, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to analyse the short clip of the two brothers from 16 years ago.

She said: “This hilarious clip shows that it wasn’t always Harry doing the comedy moments in the royal Firm and that older brother William was quite capable of embarrassing Harry with some uninhibited dad-dancing.

“William seems to be aiming this dancing at his brother, egging him on to join in while Harry appears to be deep in a more serious conversation with Chelsy, his girlfriend at the time.

“Kate was several seats back, probably thanks to the infamous ‘break’ with William that year.”

According to Judi, it was not Harry who noticed his brother’s dancing first, but actually his partner at the time.

Judi continued: “It looks as though it was Chelsy who brought William’s attention-seeking dance ritual to Harry’s notice.

“Harry turns, straight-faced and his look is very much the look of a teenager whose dad is shaming them during a party.”

Judi claims that the Duke enlisted the help of Kate, who at the time was sitting a few rows behind the royals, to get her ex-boyfriend at the time to stop dancing.

Kate was sitting two rows behind William and Harry

Kate was sitting two rows behind William and Harry (Image: GETTY)

She added: “He even wipes one hand on his trouser leg to mime sweaty palms and he points to Kate in a bid to get William to stop it.”

Judi went on to explain the significance of this short interaction between the brothers.

She suggested: “There are two key points about this scene: firstly we can already see how Harry is beginning to enjoy adopting a more adult, cool, serious role with his brother.

“This role was clearly pursued more fully when he met and married Meghan.”

Prince William enjoyed his ‘dad dancing’ claims expert (Image: GETTY)

However, the Prince of Wales has the most revealing body language in this clip, according to the expert.

Judi opined: “Secondly there is the strong hint that William is trying to boast to Kate that he is relishing his freedom and is capable of having the most fun time without her.

“His elbows are raised in geezer mode and his neck-wobble hints at a touch of rebellion. It must have been the tiniest of swan songs before settling down with Kate though.

“As a signal of making the most of the single, free lad’s life it failed hilariously. Kate was there behind him all the time and he clearly wasn’t suited to this kind of body language ritual.”


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