What does Princess Kate carry in her ‘teeny-tiny handbags’?


Princess Kate is known to carry tiny purses that are only around six inches wide, and one royal commentator has conducted an experiment to see what items Kate Middleton can fit inside her handbag.

Kate and William attend the Commonwealth Day Service

Kate Middleton is famous for her tiny purses, but what does she carrying around in her handbag? (Image: GETTY)

Princess Diana was famous for her Dior clutch handbags, while Queen Elizabeth was often seen carrying a boxy Lainer London bag. Princess Kate is now well known to accessorise her outfits with her tiny top-handled handbags, and one royal fan has conducted an experiment to see what can fit inside the small royal purse.

The royal expert took a look at the type of handbag the Princess of Wales is often seen carrying, and decided to base her findings on Kate’s Nano Montreal handbag from DeMellier, which measures six inches at the top and seven at its base.

The Nano Montreal bag is $395 (£295) handbag but Amanda used a duplicate that is much cheaper and looks very similar, for only $40 (£32) on Amazon.

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The royal expert found Kate Middleton could fit a phone and wallet in her handbag (Image: Getty)

In her video, Amanda was able to fit a phone in the handbag, along with a hairbrush in the handbag, as well as lipstick, a hand sanitiser and a small wallet.

Kate, like most people, does carry a mobile, and was spotted with an iPhone at Wimbledon in 2021. Kate has also been spotted carrying methods of payment.

She was seen purchasing items shopping at an EACH store in Holt, England in October 2022. Kate was seen laughing while trying on a £15 ($18) Boden Hat but bought a £2 ($2.50) Fireman Sam storybook for Prince George and an £8 ($10) Beatrix Potter figurine. However, Amanda was not able to fit a notebook in the bag, despite the fact she claimed Kate is sometimes seen carrying a notebook at royal events.

The Duchess Of Cambridge Opens New EACH Charity Shop In Holt, Norfolk

Kate Middleton was seen purchasing items in October, so it is assumed she may carry around money. (Image: Getty)

However, according to another royal expert and biographer, we already know what Kate carries in her handbag. Macica Moddy in her 2013 book ‘Kate: A Biography’, said that the Princess carries around four items with her at all times.

Macica wrote: “In her small clutch she carries a compact mirror, blotting paper, a handkerchief and lip balm.”

The author also noted that if Kate is carrying around a tote bag, the Princess of Wales also enjoys carrying around her own personal camera as she is a hobbyist photographer. Kate is often known to take the official portraits of her children which are later released to the public, and was also studied photography while a student at St. Andrews University.

While speaking about Princess Kate and Prince William’s royal tour of Canada in 2011, Macica also wrote: “Since she has always been a keen photographer, she took her own Canon camera to snap some personal images.”

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Canadian Tour - Day 5

Kate Middleton sometimes carries around her own personal camera while on royal tours. (Image: Getty)

Kate’s handbag for everyday use will likely be full of different things than when she is performing royal duties. When working, royals have teams to carry items like cash, travel cards, or IDs.

While security is tight at royal events, Kate is unlikely to use her everyday handbag in case it was stolen. Then, the thief might have access to a whole host of personal items, including bank cards, receipts, makeup, or any other sort of item the Princess might need at a moment’s notice while going about her everyday life.

There is a reason it’s considered impolite to look in a lady’s handbag.


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