What did Meghan Markle body language reveal?

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Meghan Markle body language shows she is keen to continue Princess Diana’s ‘legacy’

MEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry made their first official royal public appearance today, and the crowds loved Meghan’s friendly, hands-on approach. But what did her body language reveal?

Meghan Markle retrieves glove for cheerful crowd member

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Meghan Markle, 36, and Prince Harry, 33, stepped out in Nottingham today on their first official public trip out since announcing their engagement earlier this week.

The couple began their day at a World Aids Day charity fair, and will spend the afternoon meeting disadvantaged youth.

Photos of Meghan smiling and talking to the waiting crowds were beamed around the world – but what did her body language reveal about how she coped with her first royal visit?

Body language expert Judi James told Express.co.uk that all signs point to Meghan being a successful royal.
Judi said: “Meghan showed she was already deeply tuned into Diana’s memory during the engagement interview and her approach to the crowds on her first engagement showed she’s keen to inherit some of Diana’s legacy in terms of rapport with the public.

“In many ways she doesn’t need to because Harry has inherited enough empathy signals for both of them but Meghan’s way of getting close up to the crowds and chatting in a style that looks even-handed and natural compliments Harry’s jokey, fun approach.

Meghan and Prince Harry met on a blind date Photo (C) GETTY
Meghan and Prince Harry met on a blind date Photo (C) GETTY

“The pair used their relaxed and informal body language to make it look like a rather un-royal visit. Strong charisma is all about mirroring and listening signals and Harry and Meghan used these techniques in a way that you could read from the crowd’s response made some of the chats feel like a conversation with a friend.

“Meghan is clearly going to be a very tactile royal, like Diana, but without eclipsing her husband-to-be who has been championing the more relaxed and natural approach for years.

“Meghan’s body language showed duck-to-water confidence but she kept it refreshingly low-key rather than regal. Endearingly she often looked as though she was the one surprised and delighted to be meeting the public rather than the other way round.”

Further explaining how the couple managed to keep the visit feel relaxed rather than formal, Judi said: “For their first public engagement the newest royal double act appeared to use both their body language and their choice of outfits as announcement gestures that defined the way they see themselves working as a team.

“Their look is professional rather than traditionally royal. Instead of the usual bright suit and hat combo Meghan wore a plain dark coat that teamed her with Harry’s overcoat and this understated and casual form of outfit allowed them to use more relaxed body language that included lots of touching and tie-signs.

“There was a lack of formality but we shouldn’t underestimate the subtle work that went into making their choreography so perfect despite the fact they took the appearance so quickly after their engagement was announced.
Meghan’s body language showed duck-to-water confidence but she kept it refreshingly low-key rather than regal

Judi James, Body Language Expert

“There were no signs that Harry needed to ease Meghan into her royal duties but she does have the best role model in terms of her Prince. Happy and in love, Harry’s charisma was in full force. His approach to the crowd lacks any of the stuffiness that some of the Windsor men can suffer from and he used the right blend of humour and emphatic or fun gesticulation as he spoke.

“Tellingly he repeatedly picked out small children in the crowd to bend down and chat with and his skills of empathy seem as potent as his mother’s.”

And it seems Harry and his wife are on track to be an equal team, with Judi noting: “Unlike his brother and father who have been eclipsed by their wives , Harry is still the star of the show and Meghan seems confident and comfortable offering support and loving signals but without upstaging him. The couple touch automatically when they meet up but they work apart happily with Harry not seeming to need to throw Meghan any worried glances of concern.

“Their touch rituals are constant and almost unique for a royal couple. They are very even-handed with these touches, repeatedly throwing their arms round one anothers backs or rubbing arms or touching and tapping one another in a form of non-verbal communication as well as mutual signs of affection and reassurance.”


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