‘Wessex fatigue’ Prince Charles fires ‘warning shot’ at Edward amid Duke title feud


PRINCE CHARLES and other members of the firm are experiencing “Wessex fatigue” following Prince Edward’s recent interviews, a royal expert has claimed.

Following Prince Edward’s comments regarding his late father’s title of Duke of Edinburgh, Royal commentator Richard Kay suggested Charles may be getting tired of his brother. After speaking about Charles’ idea of a slimmed-down monarchy, Mr Kay said the Prince of Wales may be “fatigued” with his brother.

He told the Daily Mail: “There is one other issue, of course: sibling rivalry.

“After two high-profile interviews in which Edward talked about the challenge of inheriting his father’s dukedom, it does seem as if there is a bit of ‘Wessex fatigue’ among some members of ‘the Firm’ and Charles has fired a warning shot.”

Last week, a source close to Charles told The Times of how he is reluctant to hand over the Edinburgh dukedom to his youngest brother when he takes the throne.

Charles is the current holder of the title following the death of Prince Philip, 99, in April.

‘Wessex fatigue’ Prince Charles fires ‘warning shot’ at Edward

‘Wessex fatigue’ Prince Charles fires ‘warning shot’ at Edward amid Duke title feud (Image: Getty Images )

Prince Charles and Prince Edward

Prince Charles and Prince Edward feud over Edinburgh dukedom (Image: Getty Images)

The source said: “The prince [Charles] is the Duke of Edinburgh as it stands, and it is up to him what happens to the title.

“It will not go to Edward.”

It is understood both the Queen and Philip were keen for the title to be inherited by the Earl of Wessex.

When Charles ascends to the throne, the title of Duke of Edinburgh will merge with the Crown – meaning he will have the opportunity to bestow the title or leave the dukedom vacant.

Prince Charles and Prince Edward

Prince Charles experiencing ‘Wessex fatigue’ (Image: Getty Images)

In an interview with the BBC, Prince Edward said: “It was fine in theory, ages ago when it was sort of a pipe dream of my father’s.

“Of course it will depend on whether or not the Prince of Wales, when he becomes king, whether he’ll do that, so we’ll wait and see.”

He subsequently told The Telegraph: “My father was very keen that the title should continue, but he didn’t quite move quickly enough with Andrew, so it was us who he eventually had the conversation with.

Wessex fatigue

Wessex fatigue – Edward was promised the title by his father (Image: Getty Images)

Charles is experiencing 'Wessex fatigue'

Charles is experiencing ‘Wessex fatigue’ (Image: Getty Images)

Mr Kay continued to say that he believes the Queen may intervene in the sibling feud.

He said: “My feeling is that if the Queen were to have a word in her son’s ear, then Charles would fall into line and Edward will get the title.”


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