Trouble in the Queen and Prince Philip’s marriage


The Crown featurette hints at trouble in the Queen and Prince Philip’s marriage

The Crown featurette hints at the show focusing on Prince Philip for season two

A new featurette for the second season of The Crown has revealed that the show will look at troubles in the Queen‘s marriage to Prince Philip, and that it will focus more on the Prince while taking a look back at his life before joining the British royal family. Matt Smith, who plays the royal, said: “As with any relationship in good drama, it exposes the frailties and the difficulties. We linger on the things that hinder them.”

Season two will delve deeper into Prince Philip's life Photo (C) YOUTUBE
Season two will delve deeper into Prince Philip’s life Photo (C) YOUTUBE

Season two will delve deeper into Prince Philip’s life

Creator Peter Morgan said: “The second season really examines the journey for Prince Philip. We find out things about him that not people know, but also the character of Philip is centre stage in a way that is new.” He added: “If Season 1 asks what it must be like for a young woman to suddenly find herself with this terrible responsibility, then Season 2 examines this journey for Prince Philip.”

Speaking about Prince Philip’s life, executive producer Suzanna Mackie said: “We’ve all been very surprised and impressed with uncovering and revealing Philip’s journey through life, how interesting he is, and how far he’s come.” The Prince was the only son of Prince Andrew of Greece, and was evacuated from the country by the British Royal Navy after the family was overthrown and exiled at just 18-months-old, and was sent to school at Gordonstoun. The show will touch upon when Philip forces Prince Charles to attend the same school, and director Stephen Daldry said: “Charles had a terrible time and felt it was a great, damaging act to him. Charles would have profited more from a school that ran along different lines. I think he really suffered at Gordonstoun and there have been fault lines in that relationship ever since.”


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