The five royals who bear a striking resemblance to their ancestors


ROYALS inherit more than nobility and titles and there are many uncanny lookalikes from as far back as 200 years ago.

Members of the Royal Family alive today have strong genes, with multiple members of the firm sharing a number of characteristics. It’s hardly surprising that members of the Royal Family bear a strong resemblance to another – but some of the lookalikes go back generations to before the House of Mountbatten-Windsor even existed.

Princess Charlotte and Queen Elizabeth II

Royal fans have noticed the astonishing lookalike of the current Queen with the great-granddaughter Princess Charlotte.

Photos of the two from when they were young show that they share several features, including large cheeks, straight eyebrows, and a similar nose shape.

Time will tell if Charlotte will turn into a mini Queen Elizabeth, as she also bears a strong resemblance to her mother Kate Middleton when she was a young child.

Princess Charlotte and the Queen

Princess Charlotte bears resemblance to her great grandmother the Queen (Image: GETTY)

Prince Edward and King George VI

Prince Edward never met his grandfather, King George VI (Image: GETTY)

The Queen’s youngest son bears a striking resemblance to his grandfather King George VI.

The pair have similar eyebrows and also share the characteristically large ears that many of the male members of the family have – including Prince Charles.

Unfortunately, Prince Edward and his grandfather never met, as he was born 12 years after King George died.

Queen Mother and Princess Eugenie

Princess Eugenie has been noted for her resemblance to the Queen Mother (Image: GETTY)

Prince Harry and Prince Philip

Prince Philip and Prince Harry have been noted for their resemblance (Image: GETTY)

Princess Eugenie and the Queen Mother

Princess Eugenie, who recently became a mother herself, looks similar to her great grandmother the Queen Mother.

The resemblance between the two was clearest when Princess Eugenie was a young child.

The similarities between the two are less apparent as Princess Eugenie gets older, but she still has hallmarks of her great grandmother, sharing the same opal-shaped eyes and straight eyebrows, which are a common feature throughout the Royal Family.

Princess Beatrice and Queen Victoria

Princess Beatrice looks remarkably like Queen Victoria (Image: GETTY)


Princess Beatrice and Queen Victoria

Princess Beatrice has often been likened to her four times great grandmother Queen Victoria, who herself had a daughter called Beatrice.

Princess Beatrice shares the same enormous eyes as Queen Victoria, which is easily her most striking feature, and the two have similar-shaped mouths and the same face shape.

Princess Beatrice even had a role in the film Young Victoria in 2009 – but she wasn’t cast as the Queen herself, rather as one of her ladies in waiting.

Prince Harry shares many of the same features as his grandfather the late Duke of Edinburgh.

The two have similar noses eyes, foreheads and facial structures.

The resemblance between Harry and his father Prince Charles is also strong, sharing the passed down the face and eye shape with the late duke.


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