The Duchess of Cambridge jeweller reveals the five golden accessory rules


We all know that the right makeup and haircut can knock years off our looks but the right accessories can make you look even younger.

According to Belinda Scott of the Duchess of Cambridge’s favourite jewellery brand, Heavenly Necklaces, the right jewellery can take years off your face.

From round earrings to disguise a long face to shunning black, she reveals the most youth-enhancing accessorising tricks.

Kate Middleton Jewelry Fashion
Kate Middleton Jewelry Fashion
  1. Round earrings to disguise a long face: Faces, noses and ears lengthen with age (a baby’s face is almost totally round). So, in anthropological terms, anything that elongates your features makes you look older.

Long, thin earrings can elongate a long face even more so make sure you’re not making things worse. Round earrings can have the reverse effect.

Pippa Middleton Jewelry
Pippa Middleton Jewelry
  1. Embrace colour: We all hide behind black clothes day and night. Black is safe; it covers a multitude of sins and hides any fashion bypasses, but it can be very ageing. It drains the colour from our faces, and this can actually be worsened by wearing plain (fake or real) diamond earrings, as the whole effect becomes very monochrome.

To avoid looking leached out, add colour. Rich ruby earrings (gorgeous with with red lips and nails), or perhaps a blue or green stone necklace and earrings to enhance eye colour.

If you really don’t want to wear a coloured stone; wear gold jewellery rather than silver (or white gold). Gold adds warmth and makes your complexion glow.

  1. Add letters: As ears get longer (and gums recede, hence we get ‘long-in-the-tooth) it’s time for action.

Many women have exacerbated their natural elongated ear problem by stretching their earlobes from years of wearing heavy earrings. And their piercing becomes more of a slit than a hole.

Help is at hand; letterbox lobes spelling out your initials, for example, can mask signs of ageing by covering the hole.

  1. Match or contrast: It is clever either to match or contrast your eye colour. Sludge-green eyes are definitely enhanced with green amethysts.

Blue topaz will make blue eyes sparkle. Citrines will make rich hazel or brown eyes shine.

  1. Plump for pearls: Pearls have a famously flattering effect on the complexion. They illuminate the complexion, and make the whites of the eyes shine and teeth sparkle.


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