The Crown set to recreate historic moment when teenage Queen Elizabeth snuck out on VE Day


The Crown was spotted filming a flashback for final season of the Netflix hit drama, in which a young Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret joined in the celebrations with the public when World War Two ended.

During World War Two, a teenage Queen Elizabeth served in a reserve unit where she learned the basics of motor repair and how to drive a lorry.

She was also made an honorary Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, and certain members of the infantry regiment joined the royal sisters as part of a 16-person party to keep watch over them as they celebrated with the public on a historic day.

Queen Elizabeth was apparently “terrified” of being recognised by the large crowds as they celebrated and pushed her cap down on her head, but a Grenadier Guards officer told her to push her hat back up as he “refused to be seen in the company of another officer improperly dressed.”

Speaking about the event on the 40th anniversary of VE Day in 1985, Queen Elizabeth said that she “had to put my cap on normally.”

Picture of Winston Churchill with the Royal Family

The Crown was spotted filming a flashback for final season of the Netflix hit drama. (Image: Getty Images)

No footage of Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margret celebrating in public on VE day actually exists, but the late monarch has spoken about the occasion.

The two princesses were given permission by their father George VI to leave Buckingham Palace and join the public.

The Queen recalled the chaotic celebrations and said: “We cheered the King and Queen on the balcony and then walked miles through the street.

“I remember lines of unknown people linking arms and walking down Whitehall, all of us just swept along on a tide of happiness and relief.”

The sixth and final season of The Crown is expected to feature a series of flashbacks of a teenage Queen Elizabeth in order to celebrate her life.

Sources initially reported by the Daily Mail have said the new actress Miss Prettejohn will get more air time than was originally expected due to the late monarch’s death on September 8.

It may also be to make the next instalment of the drama less controversial than series five, which was released this month, as it faced criticism from former Prime Minister John Major who called the series a “barrel-load of nonsense”.

The former leader’s comments were due to a fictional storyline which depicted a fictional King Charles, then Prince of Wales, plotting to get the Queen to abdicate, and the fictional portrayal of Sir John speaking about the Royal Family in disparaging terms.

Another controversy the show has faced is its portrayal of Princess Diana’s panorama interview and also sparked criticism when they were spotted filming the Princess of Wales’s funeral, in which her sons Prince William and Prince Harry walked behind her funeral casket.

Black and white photo of the massive crowds in London

People in London took to the streets in celebration on VE Day (Image: Getty Images)

“They always wanted to go back and show the Queen as a younger woman but now there will be more of it.

“Producers know their older audience in particular enjoyed watching the early days of the Queen, so putting a bit more of that in and taking some of the nasty stuff out might make a big difference and allow the show to end on a high.

“By having these flashback scenes, it is hoped that things will end in a much warmer tone, portraying happier times for the Queen.”


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