The changes King Charles has made to the Queen’s former home – inside pictures


He may not be living in Queen Windsor Castle just yet, but King Charles III has wasted no time putting his own stamp on the royal palace.

Charles and Queen comparison pictures

Inside the Queen’s former home where King Charles has made a few subtle changes – pictures (Image: GETTY)

King Charles III may have 13 properties at his disposal as head of the monarch though he is yet to move out of Clarence House, where he has lived with Queen Camilla since 2003. With major restorations at Buckingham Palace not expected to be finished until 2027, the royal staff have been busy updating Windsor Castle, Queen Elizabeth II’s former home. Here’s a look at how the palace has changed since September 2022.

While the pair have no imminent plans to move to the traditional home of the monarch – Buckingham Palace, Charles is free to make changes to any of the homes owned by the royal household.

In a recent meeting at Windsor Castle with the European Commission chief, Ursula von der Leyen, the inside of the property looked a little different.

Though no major changes had been made to the royal rooms, the finer details had been changed.

Queen Elizabeth II Meets His Excellency David Granger

The sofa and decor had changed slightly since King Charles accrued the property (Image: Getty)

Shown shaking hands with Ursula in the famous meeting room used by his mother, the backdrop of the regal interior appeared cosier and more vibrant.

A blue and white silk-striped sofa was positioned near the fireplace to form a snug seating area in the centre of the room.

Compared to a photograph taken in 2017, when the Queen met the President of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana, David Granger, the room had been noticeably rearranged.

The decorative carpet and white walls adorned in gold details remained untouched, though there were a few other minor changes to the traditional furniture.

Next to the fireplace, a large white flower vase took centre stage on a small wooden table below a large painting.

Pure white blooms with dark green stems filled the vase which stood next to a recognisable lamp.

In the corner of the room, a small white and gold chair had also been removed, along with a free-standing decoration.

On the mantlepiece of the fireplace, the ornaments remained unchanged since Queen Elizabeth II lived at the castle.

King Charles III Receives Ursula Von Der Leyen At Windsor Castle

King Charles now has 13 properties at his disposal (Image: Getty)

The minor changes to Windsor Castle are just a small detail in Charles’s long-term plan to renovate more of the royal residences.

Along with the ongoing restoration at Buckingham Palace which will cost a total of £369million, Sandringham House in Norfolk will also undergo some changes.

A statement released by the palace explained that the project will see the gardens gain a biodiverse topiary garden in place of the lawns.

The statement read: “In recent years, with changing weather patterns the current expanse of lawn has been affected by warm weather and excessive rainfall.

An acre of land is expected to be dedicated to the new garden which is in keeping with Charles’s love and passion for the great outdoors – particularly when it comes to gardening.

While there has been no official announcement about if and when the King will move to Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle is no longer empty. Prince William and Kate Middleton moved to the estate at the end of last year to allow their children to have a quieter life in the countryside.

Before this, the 900-year-old fortress was used as Queen Elizabeth II’s weekend escape from 775-room Buckingham Palace until she moved in permanently around April 2021.


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