Sophie Wessex inspired daughter Lady Louise Windsor to ‘step up’ amid Meghan & Harry exit


LADY LOUISE WINDSOR, daughter of Sophie, Countess of Wessex and Prince Edward, has been “inspired to step up” in her royal duties amid a missing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The Royal Family is grappling with a changing image in recent times as Prince Andrew, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have all left the scene. The family has suffered major upheaval as it tries to rebrand its image and become more of a relatable institution amid its recent controversies. The departure of Meghan and Harry has meant a number of royals have been forced to step up, including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

But according to a source, there’s one young royal who can’t wait to get stuck into her duties.

Prince Edward’s daughter, Lady Louise Windsor, has indicated she’d like a senior role within the family as soon as she comes of age, despite being just 17 and 13th in line to the throne according to reports.

A source said: “Louise has come out of nowhere and proven herself mature, diligent and ready to work.

“It rather reminds the Queen of her daughter, Princess Anne, who is all about duty.”

Sophie Wessex inspired daughter Lady Louise Windsor to 'step up’ amid Meghan & Harry exit

Sophie Wessex inspired daughter Lady Louise Windsor to ‘step up’ amid Meghan & Harry exit (Image: Getty)

Lady Louise Windsor

Lady Louise has reportedly set her intention to step up within the family (Image: Getty)

The source said seeing her mum and dad step up to the plate has proved an inspiration for Lady Louise.

They explained: “Apparently since Edward and [his wife] Sophie have had to take on more since Harry and Meghan departed and Andrew was removed, their daughter has been inspired to step up and help alongside her parents.”

While it may seem strange for someone so young to want to dedicate their time to fulfilling the family’s duty, those close to the Wessex family say it’s not so surprising.

Another source told the publication: “The Queen and Lady Louise Windsor are incredibly close.

Meghan and Harry

Meghan and Harry’s departure has meant other family members stepping up (Image: Getty)

“She is level-headed, thoughtful and king, and reminds the Queen of herself as a young woman.

“They are thick as thieves and can often be found riding their ponies alone together, where the Queen enjoys imparting a lot of wisdom on her granddaughter.”

The source said Lady Louise is “already getting media training and self defence classes”.

They added: “She has proved an enthusiastic and willing pupil.

Lady Louise Windsor

Lady Louise reportedly reminds the Queen of a younger version of herself (Image: Getty)

“She is the sort of kid who can impress adults and get down on a child’s level, all within the same space, which is perfect for someone who may be called upon to visit aged care homes or children’s hospitals within hours of each other.

“It may not sound like much, but to have that ability – and patience – is rare. It’s the kind of thing Meghan Markle wasn’t prepared for.

“She thought she would attend gala dinners every other night and be entertaining movie stars, but the reality of royal life is a lot more about ribbon-cutting and being visible to their subjects.

“Lady Louise was born into this life and has inherited a strong sense of duty from her parents, who the Queen finds blissfully reliable and diligent.”

The source said Lady Louise will likely take comfort in the fact Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis won’t be shouldering the family burden alone – especially with cousin Archie leaving for America.

They added: “Instead, they will have Lady Louise to help show them the ropes and provide support.

“She is a beacon of hope for the Queen, who doesn’t mind admitting she feels a lot more at peace about the future of the monarchy with young Louise around.”


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