‘So proud’ Prince William hailed for carrying on mum’s ‘beautiful legacy’


ROYAL FANS have hailed Prince William for following in his late mother’s footsteps as they gush she “must be so proud of her son”.

People were quick to comment on the broken bond between Prince William and Harry, arguing Diana would be “heart broken” over the rift.

User @dawncar84976979 said: “Diana would want William and Harry to make up because life is too short . Diana will be proud of both of her children for what they have become and to stand up for what they believe in, also she loves all her grandchildren looking down on them to make sure they are safe.”

Diana, Princess of Wales, died in August 1997 following a car crash in Paris.

Prince William and Princess Diana

Fans are comparing Prince William to his late mother (Image: Getty)

Princess Diana and Prince William

A royal expert said he ‘inherited’ qualities from Diana (Image: Getty)

The mother of the Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex shared a close bond with her sons, who were both children when she died.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Kinsey Schofield, a royal expert and podcast host, said Prince William “inherited some of our favourite qualities from Princess Diana”.

She added: “He is sincere. He is gentle. But he can be fierce. We saw that in the way that he defended his mother throughout the BBC investigation.

“I think Prince William learned a lot about love from his mother. She used to tell him that when he found the right girl – to hold on tight! He still looks at Catherine the way he did when they were newlyweds.

Kate Middleton, Prince William and Charlotte

Prince William was last see at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham last week (Image: Getty)

“His commitment to the homeless crisis and turning people’s lives around is infectious. We saw royal watchers donate thousands of dollars in items to shelters in his honour for his birthday.

“He is a great mix of both his mother and father but he will be an incredible leader because of his similarities to his mother.”

The video showed clips of Prince William with son Prince George, before going back to old footage of Princess Diana cradling a young William.

Princess Diana and William and Harry

Princess Diana passed away in 1997 (Image: Getty)

It also showed footage comparing the similarities in their faces, with many pointing out that Prince William “inherited” his mother’s eyes.

User @jasmine45637909 said: “He totally has her eyes”.

A second user @0618jeanne added: “She lives on … Diana’s imprinting can never be destroyed. She was the most loved woman in the world. A shining light in a world speckled with darkness! A light so bright no one could turn it off!”

Prince William was last seen enjoying the Commonwealth Games with Kate and Princess Charlotte in Birmingham last week.


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