Sarah Ferguson: How Sarah Ferguson displays ‘real strength’ in latest appearance


SARAH FERGUSON has displayed “real strength” in her latest appearance as the Duchess of York has enlisted the help of top-tier trainers to help her get back into shape.

The Duchess of York is said to be competing to become a part of the Super-A tribe.

The tribe is an elite group of people who are biologically younger than their actual age.

In a post-workout video, the Duchess said: “They always say you can choose your tribe, then choose your family or choose your friends.

“Well guess what, be cool, be nice, be king and join Super-A because they’re my tribe – I’ve chosen them.

Sarah Ferguson: How Sarah Ferguson displays ‘real strength’ in latest appearance (Image: Getty)

Sarah Ferguson: Sarah

Sarah Ferguson: Sarah is focusing on getting back into shape (Image: Getty)


“I am 61, just beginning my life. Be a Super-A.”

And Super A founder Mr Leal said the video shows how the Duchess of York knows “real strength”.

He said: “Sarah’s candid makeup-free video is that of a woman who is self assures, and it will inspire and empower women around the world.

“She knows that real strength begins in the mind.

Sarah Ferguson: Sarah

Sarah Ferguson: Sarah was said to be looking ‘tired and stressed’ in an Instagram video (Image: Sarah Ferguson/ Instagram)

“To be a Super-A, Sarah must now learn how to make exercise an internalised behaviour expectation, just like brushing her teeth.”

And for those who think the newly imposed lockdown would deter Sarah from her training, they are wrong.

The Duchess has continued training alongside her two personal trainers, who have helped A-Listers like Kate Winslet, Angelina Jolie and Piers Brosnan.

Sarah’s latest appearance is a welcome change from her birthday Instagram video in which she was said to appear “tired and stressed”.

Sarah Ferguson: Eugenie

Sarah Ferguson: Sarah was very excited at Eugenie’s baby news (Image: Getty)

Royal author Phil Dampier said although the video was positive overall, closer examination brought up some concerning signs.

Mr Dampier said: “I know she has been finding the last few months very difficult.”

Although it has been a good year for Sarah overall, with Eugenie announcing she’s expecting her first baby and Beatrice getting married, Mr Dampier said outside these moments of “tremendous joy”, Sarah may have struggled to adjust to the year’s changes.

The royal expert explained: “She has spent several months in lockdown at Royal Lodge with Prince Andrew, and obviously he is under great strain from the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

“It must have placed them both under a lot of pressure with very little in the way of letting off steam.”

Sarah did, however, express her joy at soon becoming a grandmother.

The Duchess said she was very much excited to be welcoming her first grandchild into the York family.

She said: “I am so excited by the news that Jack and Eugenie are expecting their first child. Thrilled for them both, and in my 60th year, cannot wait to be a grandmother. Welcoming a baby into the York family is going to be a moment of profound joy.”


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