Royals copy each other because of ‘strict etiquette’ – ‘not many looks to choose from’


FEMALE members of various European royal families have, in recent years, been seen wearing the same outfits as one another. Even within one Royal Family, such as the British monarchy, different individuals have worn the same clothes – years apart. Why is this?

Miranda focused on the British Royal Family, saying: “The ladies of the Royal Family have been reinventing and rewearing similar outfits for years, and this is due to several reasons.

“The royals have to adhere to a strict sartorial etiquette when it comes to dressing for public occasions and this heavily restricts the range of garments that they can actually wear, leaving them with a narrow selection of silhouettes and looks to choose from, so it’s only natural that we will see some repetition.

“Necklines and hemlines are strictly checked to ensure they are modest enough, coats must not be removed in public, hence the popularity of the coat dress, and even their accessories are restricted, with the flashier diamond pieces being reserved for after 6pm.”

Beatrice and Kate

Beatrice and Kate have stepped out in the same outfits more than once (Image: GETTY )

Kate and Mary

Both Kate and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark owns the same Emilia Wickstead dress (Image: GETTY )

A royal’s personal brand also plays a part in it, Miranda revealed.

“The royals are experts in building a personal brand,” she said.

“Whenever anyone thinks of the Queen they think of her dressed in a bright monochrome outfit with a matching hat and handbag.

“This style formula works as everybody knows exactly who she is and what to expect, so other royals follow suit.”

Popular trends in recent years thanks to the Queen have been “block colour and monochrome”.

These outfits are “the most striking and flattering”, according to Miranda.

Subtle prints such as polka dots, favoured by Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, have also been popular over the years.

“Finally, the royal ladies have always adored fashion so it is natural that they should look to the past for inspiration for what to wear today,” Miranda said.

The Queen

The Queen has always had her own style and prefers to wear block colours (Image: GETTY )

“Queen Anne, Princess Diana and Kate Middleton are all fashion icons in their own right, and the Queen loves fashion so much she famously sat in the front row with Anna Wintour at London Fashion week.”

Miranda went on to note that a lot of thought goes into a royal outfit, and every garment is chosen with purpose and care.

She said: “Each member of the Royal Family, from Princess Anne to Kate Middleton today, are experts in choosing clothes that flatter their body shape, suit their complexions and most importantly are fitting for the occasion.

“They are known as the ultimate diplomatic dressers, often dressing to flatter or complement visiting guests or their hosts with thoughtful touches or embellishments to their outfits, such as symbolic jewellery or wearing the national colour.

Diana and Kate

Kate and Diana both wore polka dot outfits to Royal Ascot – years apart (Image: GETTY )

“They favour classic, timeless looks in general that won’t look overly dated when people look back at photographs in years to come.”

As well as different royals wearing the same outfits as each other, many royals also rewear outfits they themselves have worn before.

Miranda added: “With the rewearing there is also a sustainable angle.

“Fashion is known to be a highly environmentally-damaging industry, and the Firm are setting the right example by demonstrating how to shop their wardrobe and rewear and reinvent old clothes.”


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