Royal hairstylist shows Kate Middleton’s ‘genius’ hair trick – ‘Practically perfect’


A hair stylist and royal fan has revealed the “genius” method Kate, Princess of Wales, uses in order to keep her pinned-up hair perfect.

The hairstylist made a TikTok video to show royal fans how they can achieve a similar hairstyle to Kate.

Tiktoker Bekah said: “It’s safe to say that she definitely utilises hair nets in her up-dos, especially those low buns” and also said that the hairstyling trick was “genius”.

She added: “Someone like her, who’s in the spotlight all the time and is picked apart head to toe, any little hair out of place is going to make the front page news.

“Use a hairnet, keep everything in place and looking good.”

Picture of Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton uses a hair net in order to keep her hair in place (Image: Getty Images)

Bekah explained: “Even though she is practically perfect in every way, using a hair net will help maintain those sleek, smooth styles all day long.

“Wind, rain, shine, whatever, it will stay in place. She doesn’t always use it, but I would say the majority of the time when she wears those low buns, she is definitely wearing a hair net.”

Fans of the Princess of Wales took to the comment section to express their delight in finding out the trick.

One user said: “She was my hair inspiration on my wedding day, and I definitely used a hair net.”

Picture of Kate Middleton

Tiktoker Bekah described the trick as “genius” (Image: Getty Images)

Picture of Kate Middleton

The hair stylist said hair nets were good as no matter the weather “it will stay in place”. (Image: Getty Images)

One other commentator speculated that Kate uses hair nets as it is more “convenient” than hair spray and bobby pins.

Kate is known for her glossy dark hair, however, she has recently changed her hair to be a lighter brown with highlights.

The Princess of Wales was spotted with her sleeker look recently while greeting royal fans outside of Buckingham Palace during the period of mourning.

Picture of Kate Middleton dressed in black

Kate Middleton has recently changed her hair to be lighter and sleeker. (Image: Getty Images)

Fans reacted to the new look online, and one fan wrote:  “Her hair is the 8th wonder of the world. It’s just so gorgeous.”

Another commentator said the hairstyle  “Reminds me of her pre/post wedding haircut!” while another fan said:  “I want to copy this look right now!”

Although the Princess of Wales is known for her fashion and glamorous style, Prince William once joked that her hair was a “nightmare”.

While attending an event for the charity Centrepoint, a trainee hairdresser spoke with the Prince and teased that Kate Middleton’s hair was “a bit of an issue” because it is “so long and thick”.


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