Royal Family: The UK’s five favourite members revealed – does the Queen feature?


THE Royal Family are at the centre of the UK’s identity but some divide opinion – which royals have fallen out of favour with the British public?

Some members of the royal family are loved throughout the country, while others have fallen from grace in recent years. Which senior royals are popular with the public and which ones are not? The latest polls reveal who reigns as the most popular royal.

The legal challenge brought against Prince Andrew and Oprah’s bombshell interview with Meghan and Harry has caused the British public to scrutinise the royals more closely than in previous years.

YouGov’s royal favourability tracker has revealed which senior royals remain popular with Brits and which have seen their public ratings plummet.

The Queen, unsurprisingly, remains the most popular royal.

Picture of the royal family

Who are the most popular royals: The royals remain popular but some have done better in the polls (Image: PA)

Picture of the royal family and David Attenborough

Who are the most popular royals: Harry and Meghan see biggest decline in popularity in latest polls (Image: PA)

In the latest YouGov poll, 80 percent of the public had a positive opinion of the monarch when asked the question, ‘Thinking about the royal family, for each please say whether you have a positive or negative opinion of them.’

Her son, Prince Andrew, has seen a huge downturn in his popularity.

He remains the least popular member of the royal family with a staggering 83 percent of the public holding a negative opinion of him.

Just six percent of Brits think positively of Prince Andrew.

Picture of Charles and Camilla

Who are the most popular royals: Around half of the public take a positive view of Prince Charles (Image: GETTY)

Many came out in support of the Sussexes after their explosive interview with Oprah aired in March 2021.

But overall in the UK, their popularity has taken a nosedive since that interview was shown.

Positive opinion of Prince Harry has fallen from 43 percent in April to 34 percent now.

Picture of William and Harry

Who are the most popular royals: Prince Harry’s popularity has taken a hit whilst William’s is high (Image: GETTY)

This sudden drop equates to a nine percent fall in the proportion of the public who think positively about Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle has also seen her public ratings plummet.

Positive opinion of her has dropped from 31 percent in March to 26 percent now.

The Sussexes seem to be far more popular among the young than the old.

Picture of the Queen

Who are the most popular royals: The Queen remains the most popular member of the royal family (Image: GETTY)

On a brighter note, 47 percent of 18-24 year olds have a positive opinion of Harry, while half of this age group see Meghan in a positive light.

Prince William’s popularity almost doubles that of his younger brother, as 78 percent have a positive view of him.

His wife, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, is also held in high regard by the public – 75 percent of Brits have a positive view of her.

Their popularity among the British public is pretty much 50:50.
Over half (54 percent) of the British public currently take a positive view of Prince Charles.

Camilla wasn’t as popular in the polls – 43 percent recorded a positive opinion of her, compared to the 42 percent of those surveyed who said they held a negative opinion of the Duchess.


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