Royal Family rift: Queen ‘constantly frustrated’ with Prince Charles and ‘puzzled by him’


THE ROYAL FAMILY’s divisions extended to The Queen and Prince Charles, a royal author claimed, as Her Majesty is said to be “constantly frustrated” with her son.

The royal expert and author of the biography The Last Queen said The Queen has “never really understood” her eldest son Charles, and is “puzzled by him.”

He added: “All those around the Queen never measure up to that at any point. Her own family has not measured up to that. Charles never measures up to that.”

Mr Irving also claimed that Prince William is the only royal who fully appreciates the Monarch’s “very dedicated sense of duty”.

The royal author also said the Queen has a closer relationship with Charles’s brother, Prince Andrew, saying: “To this day, she’s more openly affectionate to Andrew and more forgiving toward Andrew than she is towards Charles.”

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Royal Family news: Charles ‘frustrates’ the Queen, the expert said (Image: getty)

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Royal Family news: Charles ‘puzzles’ the Queen (Image: getty)

Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, also discussed the differences between Charles and Andrew.

She said while Andrew can be “charming”, he can also be “arrogant and rude” and “has some characteristics of his own father.”

Charles and Andrew have also had their differences over the elder son’s plans for a slimmed-down monarchy.

Royal Family news: Charles and Andrew clashed (Image: getty)

In March 2020, it was also claimed that Charles blocked Andrew’s daughters from having roles within the Royal Family where they would represent the Queen.

This claim was made by royal expert Katie Nicholl, who told True Royalty TV, that Prince Charles had told Beatrice and Eugenie to “go and make it on their own”.

Ms Nicholl said: “What happened with Beatrice and Eugenie was problematic as well because their father wanted them to have a role within the Royal Family where they are representing the Queen.

“Eugenie and Beatrice wanted to help granny but they also wanted to have jobs.

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Royal Family news: Andrew is closer to the Queen than Charles, experts said (Image: getty)

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Royal Family news: William understands the ‘sense of duty’ (Image: getty)

“It was Charles who swept in and said much to Andrew’s annoyance they have got to go and make it on their own.

“Beatrice and Eugenie were very happy to do that and it is working but you still see that knock-back effect.

“So when we are picking up the bill as taxpayers for the security costs for Eugenie’s wedding people were asking why because she is not a full time working royal.”


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