Royal Family LIVE: Huge row erupts over monarchy – ‘Won’t be watching Queen’s speech!’


ANGER has erupted on social media over the monarchy, leading one to claim they will not be watching the Queen’s Christmas speech this year as commentators urged the Head of State to do more to resolve issues in the country.

Throughout the last year, the Government has been widely criticised for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic, which has caused more than two million infections and 67,616 deaths across the country. Over recent weeks, the Government has made U-turns on various rules including announcing travel bans for those in London four days before Christmas. Last weekend, countries around the world closed their borders to the UK in a bid to stop the spread of a new virulent strain of the coronavirus.

As the borders closed, people flocked to the shops to panic buy fresh produce, stripping the aisles bare.

To add to the panic of the coronavirus pandemic, the Government has also been working on securing a Brexit trade deal with the EU.

But with less than 10 days before the end of the transition period on December 31, a no deal is seeming more likely.

And now, amid ongoing Brexit talks and the coronavirus pandemic, some have taken to social media to attack the monarchy.

One person tweeted: “I am honestly sick to death of hearing that The Queen can do nothing to help this country.

Huge row erupts over monarchy

Huge row erupts over monarchy (Image: Getty)

Queen gives annual Christmas speech

Queen gives annual Christmas speech (Image: Getty)

“She is our head of state and it’s Her Majesty’s Government.

“I won’t be watching her speech by the Royal Family this year.

“The words will bee just platitudes and meaningless.”

While another person echoed: “The words of our unelected monarch are always just platitudes and meaningless.

“It’s all just nonsense aims at keeping the status quo and the money coming in, aided and abetted by a state-sponsored BBC.”

Someone else said: “If the Queen asks us all to pull together, I swear I will become a Republican.”

While another person said if the Queen can “literally do nothing” then it’s hard to see the point of the monarch.

They said: “I mean, if it’s true that she can literally do nothing, then it’s hard to see what the point of her, or any of her expensive extended family, is.”

Others urged for the UK to end the constitutional monarchy and called for the country to “grow up”.

One person said: “A head of state that doesn’t act to protect her OWN PARLIAMENT from a rogue PM who is actively destroy it and the country, while protecting her son who is wanted by the FBI.

“I was agnostic, but now it’s time to end the constitutional monarchy. Britain needs to grow up.”

The Queen addressed the nation this year during the pandemic

The Queen addressed the nation this year during the pandemic (Image: Getty)

Another questioned why the monarch has been so quiet during the pandemic and Brexit negotiations, despite giving a speech to the nation earlier this year.

They said: “Strangely enough, I am wondering why the Queen has been so quiet.

“I understand there is a boundary between the Royal Family and Government.

“But seeing a country going into complete chaos?

“Our King of the Netherlands did show himself and did his best to give us strength.”

The Queen is a figurehead and purely ceremonial

The Queen is a figurehead and purely ceremonial (Image: PA)

Another person accused the Queen of being “complicit or completely bloody useless”.

Despite being the Head of the State, Queen Elizabeth’s role is purely ceremonial meaning the power to pass legislation resides with the elected Parliament.

Many important Governmental actions are done “on behalf” of the Queen or she exercises her powers at the direction of the Prime Minister.

The British Royal Family started losing martial powers due to the signing of the Magna Carter in 1215, which led to the rule of constitutional law in England.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sent a thinly-veiled insult to the Royal Family when they paid off their £2.4million debt from renovations to Frogmore Cottage, commentators have claimed.

Princess Sofia paid tribute to the country’s healthcare workers during a poignant award ceremony.

Princess Sofia delivered a heartfelt message during the Swedish Heroes of 2020 gala awards ceremony. The gala takes place every year in Sweden to pay tribute to people across the country who have distinguished themselves for their behaviour or actions throughout the year

Prince Charles will not be spending Christmas with either of his sons this year as Prince Harry opts for a festive celebration in the US with a man who has been described as his “father figure”.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have invited pals David Foster, 71, and singer Katharine McPhee, 36, to their £11million LA home.

Ms Mcphee married Mr Foster in 2019. The American Idol star has said Harry and her husband have “a really, really beautiful relationship” and that they are “like father and son”.

Mr Foster, a 16-time Grammy winning record producer, is a year younger than Prince Charles.

He has married five times. Yolanda Hadid, mum of models Gigi and Bella, is one of his exes. Ms Mcphee went to school with Ms Markle.

Public angry at Monarch for not getting involved

Public angry at Monarch for not getting involved (Image: Splash)

Prince Charles and Camilla have teamed up with James Bond stars to make a special Christmas video narrating an iconic festive poem for young viewers.
The royal couple appeared alongside Daniel Craig and Dame Judi Dench in recording a much-loved festive poem in aid of charity.
Charles and Camilla’s narration of “A Visit from St Nicholas” aims to raise awareness about the Actors’ Benevolent Fund (ABF).


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have releaesed their Christmas card – an illustration of the couple enjoying quality time with Archie and their dogs at their new home in California.

The adorable illustrated image of the Sussex family was first tweeted by animal charity Mayhew on Wednesday evening.

The Mayhew tweet read: “We’re thrilled to receive wonderful Christmas wishes from our Patron, The Duchess of Sussex, who also made a personal donation, helping dogs, cats and our community.

“From all of us at Mayhew, thank you and Merry Christmas.”

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis usually spend Christmas at Sandringham with the Queen.

But the traditional gathering has been cancelled amid the pandemic meaning the Cambridge children will miss out on treasured royal Christmas traditions.

Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis, two, will be used to receiving their presents on Christmas Eve as they have done at Sandringham in previous years.

Given that the Sandringham meet-up is off the cards this year, the Cambridge children may have to wait an extra day to receive their gifts.

The British Royal Family

The British Royal Family (Image: MirrorPix)


The Queen received a rude Christmas gift from Prince Harry which she “loved”, according to royal reports.

According to unauthorised biography, Finding Freedom, Harry gave the monarch a shower cap with the phrase ‘Ain’t life a *****’ on it.

An Access Hollywood reporter said: “Prince Harry might be the funniest gift-giver of all.”

Meghan Markle has landed a victory for her favoured vegan oat milk lattes by winning the support of Kim Kardashian.

The Duchess of Sussex raised eyebrows when she roped pal Oprah Winfrey into promoting the products created by a California-based start-up.

And now it looks like Kim K is a fan, as the star two packs of Clevr Blends coffee featured in a hamper of goodies seen in one of her Instagram posts.

Kim’s post read: “@aliceandolivia Thank you.”

Alice and Olivia Alice & is a fashion brand founded by friends Kourtney and Stacey.

A Royal Christmas is like no other, with historic traditions and grand feasts – the latter not beginning until each royal weighs themselves.

The family has many festive practices, some stranger than others.

One sees guests of Sandringham each required to weigh themselves on a scale before they’re allowed to eat Christmas dinner.

Described by Insider as “bizarre”, it is something which began during King Edward VII’s reign in the early 1900s.

The Talko reported that the family uses an “antique scale” for the exercise.

And after dinner each guest is required to step on the scales for a final time.

The idea is to ensure the royals are being “well fed”, according to The Sun.

Royal family tree

Royal family tree (Image: Express)

The Countess of Wessex and Prince Edward raised eyebrows after they were spotted out at Sandringham at the weekend with their two children Lady Louise and James.

According to a royal insider, the Wessex family travelled to Norfolk just before Tier 4 restrictions came into force.

Sophie, Edward, Lady Louise and James were snapped visiting Sandringham Estate’s Luminate event – an outdoor light trail in the stately home’s grounds on Sunday night.

Usually, the Wessex family are based at Bagshot Park in Surrey, an area which has been under Tier 4 restrictions since Sunday morning.

The Queen is being forced to part ways with her chief art adviser after his post, created during the reign of Charles I, was abolished in the midst of the crisis sparked by the coronavirus pandemic.

Desmond Shawe-Taylor could become the last person appointed as surveyor of the Queen’s pictures and chief surveyor.

The Royal Collection Trust (RCT) has confirmed he is leaving the organisation as part of its restructuring plans and his post is to be made “lost and held in abeyance”

A “distressed” Queen Elizabeth II will issue an “uplifting” Christmas message amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to an expert.

In keeping with the annual Christmas tradition, the Queen is expected to address the public on Christmas Day in a pre-recorded speech.

Royal experts have said the speech will be an opportunity for the monarch to honour those who supported the country throughout this year.

This year’s speech will come as thousands of families – including the Royal Family – will be unable to spend the festive season together due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, and Prince Edward

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, and Prince Edward (Image: Getty)


Sophie, Countess of Wessex, 55, is married to the Queen’s youngest son, Prince Edward, 56.

She has become a senior member of the Royal Family and has developed a close relationship with her in-laws, a body language expert claimed.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, seemed to move into her royal role with ease after her wedding to Prince Edward.

She is believed to be a close ally of Queen Elizabeth II, 94, and has also won over Prince Philip, 99.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s decision to enter the world of podcast was a “clever move” which will grant them a closer relationship with their audience – as well as a means to “get across their own thoughts”, an expert has said.

Meghan and Prince Harry announced earlier this month they have signed another multi-year deal with a streaming platform.

Three months after saying they had struck a deal with Netflix, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex released a brief audio trailer on Spotify’s website, in which they detailed their new venture.

Sarah Ferguson’s attempts at a Christmas baking tutorial video have been ridiculed by ITV host Ranvir Singh and guest Roya Nikkhah who labelled the former royal’s work as “odd”.

Sarah Ferguson’s latest YouTube video sparked a round of laughter on ITV‘s Lorraine show.

Sunday Times Royal Correspondent Roya Nikkhah joined acting host Ranvir Singh to update her on the Duchess of York’s recent activity.

However, playing part of the royal’s baffling Christmas video left both commentators in stitches.

King George V didn’t like the idea of a Christmas speech, believing himself incapable of addressing the nation with such ease and informality as other broadcasters.

The royal Christmas speech has been a tradition for coming up to 100 years. Each year – except in 1969 – the Queen has, since 1952, given the British public a summary of her’s and the country’s year.

It is an event that many look forward to, and it’s one of the rare occasions that Her Majesty offers a brief insight into her personality, thoughts and feelings about current affairs – things that are usually forbidden as a result of entrenched royal tradition.

Prince Charles dubbed a gruesome child

Prince Charles dubbed a gruesome child (Image: Getty)

Prince Charles was described as a “gruesome child” in a surprising letter once sent by Princess Alexandra, countering the idea that he was especially sensitive in his youth.

The Prince of Wales’ childhood is usually portrayed as lonely and isolated, as the young heir struggled under the weight of his parents’ expectations for him.

Netflix drama The Crown suggested he struggled at Gordonstoun School and that his relationship with his father, Prince Philip, was fractured at best.

Many appear to believe that Princess Anne was the extroverted child who could shoulder her father’s barbed comments while Charles was much more sensitive to any kind of criticism.

Princess Margaret was the life and soul of the party when she was young, but she gradually turned into “a little pocket monster” just like Queen Victoria, reports claim.

Margaret, the Queen’s younger sister, charmed the public and won over crowds of admirers in her youth.

She had a sharp tongue and an appetite for partying, making her the complete opposite of her dutiful and composed sister.

She secured the nation’s long-term affection when her first love affair — with divorced equerry Peter Townsend — ended in disaster as both the Government and the Queen prevented the pair from marrying.

Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret (Image: Empics)

The Queen’s 2020 Christmas Speech will be an opportunity for the monarch to “honour” those who supported the country through the year but is “unlikely” to reference Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, a royal expert has claimed.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are “unlikely” to be referred to in the Queen‘s 2020 Christmas Speech, a royal commentator has said.

HeirPod hosts Omid Scobie and Maggie Rulli discussed what topics the monarch’s annual broadcast may address this year.

Mr Scobie warned that “personal issues” that took place in the Royal Family may be avoided.

Meghan Markle’s continued foray into business investments will include some “savvy” choices by the Duchess, a royal commentator has said, adding that her son, Archie, will “benefit” the most from the ventures.

Meghan Markle is showing “another element” to herself with her latest announcement that she has made a new business investment.

The Duchess of Sussex is backing Clevr Blends, a women-owned start-up that makes instant oat milk lattes.

HeirPod royal commentators Omid Scobie and Maggie Rulli discussed the investment and what it might mean for Meghan and Prince Harry’s son, Archie.

Harry, Meghan and baby Archie

Harry, Meghan and baby Archie (Image: Getty)

Princess Diana endured a “being a terrified outsider” as she struggled to come to terms with the intense nature of a Royal Family Christmas, an author claimed.

The Princess of Wales has remained firmly in the spotlight since her tragic death in a Parisian car crash 23 years ago.

Her life was heavily scrutinised, as she took her place with the Royal Family by marrying Prince Charles, and having two children, Prince William and Prince Harry.

Throughout her relationship with Charles, allegations of infidelity plagued them, with the Prince of Wales eventually admitting to being unfaithful to Diana live on TV

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s “great win” in their latest lawsuit is setting a “precedent” for other news agencies, a royal commentator has said, adding that the couple can only take such action now they are out of the Royal Family.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have scored a “great win” with the settlement of a privacy lawsuit against paparazzi news agency, Splash News.

The Sussexes filed the complaint about photos that were taken of the Duchess and her son Archie on a walk in a Vancouver Island park in January.

HeirPod hosts Omid Scobie and Maggie Rulli discussed what impact the victory would have for the royals’ future.

Camilla Parker Bowles was hit by trolls as she attempted to raise awareness for a children’s charity this Christmas.

The Duchess of Cornwall and wife of Prince Charles made a video call to a hospice.

Camilla looked lovely and festive in a deep blue velvet dress and matching jacket.

Behind her was a gorgeously decorated Christmas tree and a guard, who cheekily beamed at the camera.

Kate Middleton, 38, is ogled wherever she goes thanks to her high status in the Royal Family.

Attention is particularly paid when she travels abroad on royal tours – and her staff have a handy hack to make sure Kate always looks her best.

Kate Middleton has enjoyed travel all over the world since marrying Prince William, 38.

The pair have carried out some very important royal tours in recent years.

For these, Kate has always looked immaculate, despite the constant travelling often required on such trips.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge (Image: Getty)

Prince Harry has been “deeply frustrated” with the consequences of stepping down as senior royal, according to a royal commentator.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have left the Royal Family as senior royals only after relinquishing many responsibilities they had signalled they wanted to retain.

And this has affected the Duke of Sussex, royal expert Victoria Murphy has claimed.

She wrote in Town&Country magazine: “There is no doubt that at times he has been deeply frustrated with the consequences of his decision — which saw the couple walk away from more royal responsibilities than they initially wanted to in order to have their freedom.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been told they should hand back their royal titles and be free from the Royal Family, commentators said.

Prince Harry, 36, and Meghan Markle, 39, will have their behaviour evaluated by the Queen ahead of the Megxit review in March amid calls for them to have their titles removed.

But two royal commentators claimed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should hand their titles back as they “don’t need them”.

Meghan and Harry, who stepped down in March, were stopped by the Queen from using their titles in a professional capacity.

Harry and Meghan told to hand back titles

Harry and Meghan told to hand back titles (Image: Getty)

Meghan Markle’s first Christmas with the rest of the Royal Family was “amazing” according to Prince Harry, which contrasts with the emerging reports of a feud between the couple and the Firm in recent months.

Meghan and Harry will be spending their first Christmas as a married couple in the US this year, along with their son Archie Harrison.

Reports claim the young family will be celebrating with Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, and the couple have already been spotted shopping for a tree at a Santa Barbara farm.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex boycotted royal tradition last year when they decided to spend the festive season in Canada instead, as part of their extended break before they announced they had decided to leave the royal frontline.

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge’s close relationship with her youngest child, Prince Louis, has been analysed by royal commentators who noted her and William’s “super hands-on” approach to parenting him.

Prince Louis may be Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge’s “favourite” in the family, royal commentators have claimed.

Royally Obsessed podcast hosts Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie discussed the Cambridge family’s first official outing this year at the London Palladium pantomime.

Both of them noted the youngest royal’s behaviour, and attributed it to Kate and Prince William’s parenting style.


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