Royal Family latest: Prince Charles facing crisis over Meghan and Harry’s ‘royal demise’


PRINCE CHARLES is being blamed for “Harry and Meghan’s demise” by people who have “let social media inform their view”, according to a royal expert.

His popularity ratings fell from 57 per cent to 49 per cent almost overnight and two in five people now have a negative view of him – up from 36 per cent on March 2.

And his rating were particularly low with people in the 18-34 age bracket.

Royal expert Victoria Arbiter said the Prince appeared to hold little appeal to young people whose views were shaped on social meda.

She said: “Disappointing as it is, he likely won’t be surprised.

“After enduring a global battering due to the latest installment of The Crown, he’s since been blamed for Harry and Meghan’s royal demise.

“And in an era driven by youth and glamour he appears to hold little appeal for a generation of youngsters who’ve let social media inform their view.

“While much of the criticism he cops is misguided at best, still he keeps trucking determined to use his platform for good.”