Royal BOMBSHELL: How Mrs Simpson had affair with socialite AFTER marrying Edward VIII


Royal BOMBSHELL: How Mrs Simpson had affair with socialite AFTER marrying Edward VIII

MRS Simpson “went mad” over a glamorous younger man during her marriage to Edward VIII, a royal documentary has revealed.

Wallis Simpson has gone down in history as the great love of Edward VIII’s life, for whom he gave up the throne. However, royal documentary “The Royals” has revealed howshe had an affair after the wedding that shook the monarchy to its core. Edward was notorious for his playboy image at the time, and Mrs Simpson cut a scandalous figure too as the two-time divorcee who provoked the abdication crisis.
He was absolutely infatuated with the American socialite, however historians have characterised her affections for Edward as less intense.

They married in 1937, on the anniversary of King George V’s death, which Edward’s mother Queen Mary always believed to be a deliberate snub to the royal family.

By 1950, the 2013 Amazon Prime documentary explains, Wallis was “bored, restless and ready for a new adventure”.

“This new adventure came with the name of Jimmy Donahue,” the narrator explains.

Mrs Simpson was “the most famous woman in the world” at this point, explains royal author Christopher Wilson.

Edward and Wallis Simpson were early royal pioneers of using media and film opportunities to engage with the public, especially in America.

In the US, she set eyes on “this glamorous, wonderful young man called Jimmy Donahue, who is rich beyond belief”.

Donahue was heir to the Woolworth family fortune and lived an extravagant life at the heart of New York high society.
He was in his 30s, while Mrs Simpson was in her 50s at this point.

“He’s also gay, but that doesn’t matter. It somehow that increases the attraction,” adds Wilson.

“Suddenly she gives way, she goes mad.

“Jimmy Donahue finds all the buttons to press in Wallis Simpson’s sexuality and away they go.

“For four years they couldn’t get enough of each other.”
Mrs Simpson’s biographer, Anne Sebba, adds that the affair “caused enormous sadness to Edward”.

“People who saw him at this time talked about his desperate hangdog expression, how terribly sad he was,” she explains.

“There was no way they were going to split up, no way they were going to get divorced.”

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor remained together for 35 years, until Edward’s death in 1972 at the age of 77 from laryngeal cancer.

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