Republic welcomes new anti-monarchy group


Republic welcomes new anti-monarchy group

No More Royals, a brand-new anti-monarchy organisation, has been warmly greeted by Republic after staging a demonstration inside Windsor Castle on Friday.

Two protestors from the new anti-monarchy group posed for pictures on the King’s bed, saying: “People of our generation are done with bowing and curtseying to this family of colonisers who pretend to care about us.”

Speaking for Republic, Graham Smith said: “The public mood is clearly moving away from the monarchy. Now Republic is joined by No More Royals who are aiming to speak for a generation of people angry about the inequality represented by the monarchy.

“Protests will continue before, during and long after the coronation. And we will see more people stepping up to challenge this ridiculous and elitist institution.”

Prince William must share Prince Harry’s “simmering resentment” to Queen Camilla, an expert has claimed.

Christopher Andersen, author of The King, also alleged the brothers see their step-mother as an outsider.

He told Fox News: “What most people don’t appreciate is the awkward position William is being put in on a more or less daily basis.

“Yes, he is siding with his father against the Sussexes. But that doesn’t mean he has warm and fuzzy feelings for Camilla.

“On some basic level, the Prince of Wales must share Harry’s deep-seated, simmering resentment toward Queen Camilla. How could they not see her as an interloper?”

Paris Hilton shares ‘heartbreak’ over Prince Harry as she relates to royal’s struggle

Paris Hilton, 42, has arrived in London to promote her new biography, Paris: The Memoir, as she reflects on the new chapter in her life, compared to her chaotic younger days.

The heiress has spoken in a new interview about Prince Harry’s book, Spare, admitting her “heart breaks” to know what he’s been through, while also comparing their mutual opinion on the media.

Touching on the similarities between her book and Spare, Paris admitted that she had read the book as well as watching his Netflix series, giving herself a rounded opinion on the royal.

Paris said: “I did read it and I watched the series as well and I thought he has been through so much and I can’t imagine just losing my mum. Princess Diana was always one of my idols.”

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton said she could relate to Harry’s struggle in an interview with Magic Radio (Image: GETTY)

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