Queen’s great-nephews snubbed as Chatto boys denied same wedding tradition as other royals


THE QUEEN’s sister’s grandsons will not be able to have the same details for their weddings as the other members of the Royal Family, according to commentators.

She told listeners: “Royal weddings are so powerful, but you can’t just stage them every couple of years.

“It’s a family, there are people that have to get married.

“A lot of people became interested in the royals through watching Kate get married to William or Meghan getting married to Harry.

“These are opportunities for the brand of the monarchy.”

queen elizabeth news arthur chatto samuel chatto

Arthur Chatto attends Harry and Meghan’s wedding with mother Lady Sarah Chatto. (Image: GETTY)

Ms Holmes continued: “I think about that a lot because we don’t have another royal wedding coming up.

“There’s not going to be someone for a while.”

Host Rachel Bowie added: “I think about that all the time, when we will next see a gorgeous royal wedding.

“I don’t think the Chatto boys would have a big affair.”

queen elizabeth news arthur chatto samuel chatto

Arthur and Sam Chatto with their parents at Meghan and Harry’s wedding. (Image: Arthur Chatto Instagram)

queen elizabeth news arthur chatto samuel chatto

Arthur with his mother Lady Sarah Chatto walking to St George’s Chapel. (Image: GETTY)

She explained: “They’re too far down the line of succession to get something on that scale.

“And thinking of how old George is, yes it’s going to be a while.”

Ms Holmes gave further insight: “Similar to watching Will and Kate, it has been almost 14 years since Diana’s death.”

queen elizabeth news arthur chatto samuel chatto


She told the podcast: “It had been a very tough time for the monarchy.

“Their reputation, and the sentiment and affection towards them, was very much in question for a long time.

“So these royal weddings are a chance for a new introduction to bring in a new group of fans.

“That’s why I think they are so powerful.

“It was a beautiful day for Will and Kate, but certainly just a real opportunity for them to re-establish themselves on the global scene.”


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