Queen showed off ‘harsh side’ as she cut off beloved aide after unforgivable ‘betrayal’


THE Queen showed off her “harsh side” by completely cutting off her former beloved governess following an unforgivable “betrayal”.

“But that didn’t matter to Princess Elizabeth, and [Queen] Elizabeth II as she became, Crawfie had betrayed her.”

The documentary stated that the Royal Family “cut ties” with Crawfie and “adjected that she move back to her native, Scotland”.

It also noted that, to this day, there is no record that [Queen] Elizabeth II ever made contact with her old nanny again”.queen elizabeth ii

The Queen felt “betrayed” by Marion Crawford (Image: PA)

marion crawford and the princesses

Marion pictured with Princess Margaret and Princess Elizabeth (Image: Getty)

Due to the fact no contact ever seems to have been made following the apparent betrayal, Mr Lacey said: “The Queen does have this harsh side when it comes to defending the principles that she thinks matter.

“It was a formative experience that contributed to the seriousness, with which she always approached her job”, adding, “ruthlessness, some people may call it”.

According to the documentary, there is only one existing interview with Marion Crawford.

She because “such a controversial figure in Britain” and the interview was not publicly shown in the UK for 50 years.

Also speaking in the Channel 4 documentary, Eve Pollard, who was the former editor at the Sunday Mirror and the Sunday Express, said: “The breaking of trust, at a very early age, I think, was a real lesson to the Queen.

“Don’t get too close to poeple you are not sure of, make sure that you can rely on them, make sure they will never tell.

“Make sure there’s a loyalty there, and often, make sure they’re from a background that would as horrified about kiss-and-tell, as you would yourself.

princesses margaret & elizabeth and their parents

Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret with their parents (Image: Getty)

The former royal governess later settled in Scotland with her husband, merely a few miles down the road from Balmoral, the Queen’s preferred summer residence.

Marion’s husband died in the 1970s and her mental health deteriorated.  She later died of cancer in February 1988.


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