Queen only close to certain Royal Family members who offer ‘surest guarantee of trust’


THE QUEEN is only close to certain members of the Royal Family who offer the “surest guarantee of trust”, a royal author has claimed.

During her 69 year reign, her Majesty has met thousands of people from the UK and Commonwealth nations. The Queen is also famous around the world as she is the Head of State of 16 nations. But despite the global recognition, the Queen has reportedly only been able to feel comfortable with close family members such as her cousins and sibling Princess Margaret over the years.

It comes as the royals have recently been embroiled in a racism row with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry over the Queen’s plans to slim down the monarchy and keep the most senior members closer together within her circle.

Ahead of a new documentary called The Queen & Her Cousins being aired next week, royal author and historian Matthew Dennison revealed the Queen finds it “very difficult to relax” around people she is not comfortable with.

He wrote in the Telegraph: “A secretary of the late Earl Mountbatten of Burma – himself a cousin through Queen Victoria’s second daughter, Princess Alice – suggested that the Queen finds it ‘very difficult to relax unless she is surrounded by those with whom she feels at home’.

“Here, then, is the real key to the Queen’s closeness to her favourite cousins: blood ties offer the surest guarantee of trust in a life in which little is private.

“In an extraordinary existence, shared experience also offers understanding; for the Queen, the company of family members holds out the possibility of unwinding and being off duty.

“Family members come closest to treating the Queen with any degree of normality.

“Composer Benjamin Britten was one of many royal guests who lamented his own and other people’s inability to act and speak naturally in the Queen’s company, describing conversation at gatherings at Sandringham as potentially ‘dire… with everybody keeping their mouths shut for fear of saying something that might give offence, or prove controversial’.

“High on the list of those with whom the monarch feels at home are family members.

“With her only sibling Princess Margaret, her relationship, although not always easy, was pivotal.

“As an adult the Queen continued to share family celebrations and wedding anniversaries with the royal uncles and aunts who she spent time with as child, spending one wedding anniversary, for example, at the Northamptonshire home of her father’s younger brother, Henry, Duke of Gloucester.”

Mr Dennison added the Queen’s loyalty to her closest cousins has been “clear throughout her reign”.

Some of her most trusted family members growing up are known to have included her second cousin, Lady Mary Cambridge, as well as Princess Ingrid of Sweden and Princess Sybilla of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, who were great-granddaughters of Queen Victoria.

He said: “The Queen’s attachment to and affection for her nearest cousins has been clear throughout her reign.

“She has consistently resisted calls to streamline the extended Royal Family and has rebuffed suggestions that Royal Highness status – and the privileges associated with it – be confined to more immediate family members.

“The list of those interred in the royal burial grounds at Frogmore since the Queen’s accession is a lengthy one that testifies to her sense of an extended Royal Family.”

However, the Queen’s recent method of keeping certain senior family members close to her appear to have caused friction among other members recently.

The Queen had reportedly wanted a slimmed down monarchy

The Queen had reportedly wanted a slimmed down monarchy (Image: EXPRESS)

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently said they stepped down as senior royals partly because their son Archie was not given a title when he was born.

Meghan told Oprah Winfrey: “They didn’t want him to be a prince.

“It would have been different from protocol … we have in tandem the conversation of, ‘He won’t be given security.

“He’s not going to be given a title.’ And also concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he’s born.”

Meghan and Harry shared their anger at their son Archie not being offered a title

Meghan and Harry shared their anger at their son Archie not being offered a title (Image: GETTY)

The royals responded to the claims to say they were “saddened” but that “recollections may vary”.

Royal author Penny Junor also said any claims that Archie was denied a royal title because of race was “rubbish”.

She said: “I absolutely refuse to believe that. I find it impossible to believe the Queen, Prince Charles or Prince William are racist.

“You just have to look at the work they do, particularly with the Commonwealth, which Charles very much cherishes.”


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