Queen abdication fears: Royal resignation a ‘possibility’ as Act means monarch can quit


QUEEN Elizabeth II is unlikely to abdicate her position as monarch, but her resignation from her royal duties “remains a possibility,” according to a royal expert.

Constitutional expert Iain MacMarthanne told Express.co.uk: “Speculation has been rife since the Queen’s Silver Jubilee as to whether or not she might abdicate and when.” The Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977 marked 25 years of her reign as monarch.

She ascended the throne in 1952, when her father, King George VI, succumbed to lung cancer.

Mr MacMarthanne added: “Now 95, and 45 years later, it seems the answer is that she has no intention whatsoever.

“The Abdication of 1936 [of Edward VIII] has framed much of the Queen’s life and reign, defining for her the meaning of duty and service.”

Mr MacMarthanne continued: “Her address to the Empire on the occasion of her 21st birthday epitomised her sensibility of what this meant to her, and what it would ultimately mean practically for the duration of her public life.”

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Charles and Queen graphic

Queen Elizabeth II is unlikely to abdicate her position as monarch (Image: Getty)

Queen Golden Jubilee

The Queen during her Golden Jubilee in 2002 (Image: PA)

He explained: “Add to this the Oath taken at her Coronation and what emerges is that being Queen is much more than a job that can be resigned, it’s a calling, a way of being.

“Consequently nothing suggests that the Queen will ever abdicate, or even think to.”

Next year, the Queen will celebrate her Platinum Jubilee, marking seven decades on the throne.

She will be the first British monarch to reach this historic milestone.

Queen Philip 1977

The Queen and Prince Philip in New Zealand in 1977, as part of Her Majesty’s Silver Jubilee (Image: PA)

In 2017, she marked 65 years as Queen with her Sapphire Jubilee.

However, although the longest-reigning monarch is unlikely to abdicate her role by all accounts, there is a clause that would permit her to do so.

Mr MacMarthanne said: “In any event, should, for whatever reason, the Queen be unable to execute her constitutional details, there is in place The Regency Act.”

This, he explained, “would see the Prince of Wales act on his mother’s behalf, as Prince Regent.”

Queen and Charles

The Regency Act would see ‘the Prince of Wales act on his mother’s behalf, as Prince Regent’ (Image: PA)

Her Majesty would, however, retain the title of Queen.

He concluded: “All in all, while the Queen abdicating remains a possibility, everything points to this never becoming a reality.”

Previously, royal biographer Matthew Dennison has claimed that the Queen would only abdicate the throne under two specific circumstances.

He said the Queen was devoted to her life of duty and service, and as she got older, she “continued to dedicate herself to the same principles.”

He wrote: “She did not contemplate abdication, she told her cousin Margaret Rhodes, ‘unless I get Alzheimer’s or have a stroke’.

“On his retirement as Archbishop of Canterbury in 2003, she explained to George Carey ‘that’s something I can’t do. I’m going to carry on to the end’.”

Similarly, royal historian Hugo Vickers has stated “I can assure you the Queen will not abdicate.

“There is every indication the Queen is in extremely good health and with luck she will continue to be our Queen for as long as possible.”


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