Put your feet up! Our dear Queen ‘deserves proper break’ after exhausting year


THE QUEEN “deserves a proper break” after an emotionally exhausting year for the monarch, a royal expert has said.

Writing for The Telegraph, Ms Tominey asks whether the country would demand their own grandparent to keep working and attending engagements after nearly seven decades on the job.

“We are not just talking about the head of state, here, but the grandmother of the nation,” she writes.

“And if it was your granny – you’d be insisting that she put her feet up.”

To the journalist, Queen Elizabeth should have a lighter schedule even though she has been using her job as a way to cope with her husband’s passing.

Queen Elizabeth

The Queen’s health has been dominating the news cycle since she cancelled a royal trip. (Image: Getty)

Queen Elizabeth

Royal expert Camilla Tominey thinks the Queen ‘deserves a proper break.’ (Image: Getty)

“News of the 95-year-old monarch’s hospitalisation on Wednesday night naturally raised alarm bells over whether more concessions should be made to her advancing years.

“Keen to always stress that she never has a day off from her red boxes, the message from Buckingham Palace is always that she is the one pushing her own workload rather than anyone else.

“I also understand that she loathed lockdown (and wearing facemasks) so much that she threw herself into work following the death of the Duke of Edinburgh in April, largely because seeing people face to face genuinely helped her to overcome her grief.”

An official record of the Queen’s diary showed at least 16 formal events during October.

Queen Elizabeth

To the journalist, Queen Elizabeth should have a lighter schedule. (Image: Getty)

Queen Elizabeth

‘News of the 95-year-old monarch’s hospitalisation on Wednesday night naturally raised alarm bells.’ (Image: Getty)

“Now we hear that she is “back at her desk undertaking light duties.”

“Why?” wonders Camilla Tominey.

“With COP26 fast approaching, and the Queen determined to lead the British welcome party, surely she could do with a complete break until she travels to Glasgow to open the climate change summit on October 31.”

The journalist goes on to mention how “admirable” it is for the Queen to wish to be “ever-present” as she has been since coming back from Balmoral in September.

Ms Tominey writes that the Queen is “working well beyond retirement age” and “was once again wining and dining world leaders at Windsor Castle” the night before she was admitted to King Edward VII’s Hospital.

Perhaps the Queen’s dedication not to step back from royal duties is, as explained by royal biographer Angela Levin, because “she thinks she does it best, and she is the most experienced.”

“But the main reason is a religious one, that when she was 21, she said she would do her best to be the Queen, and with God’s help, she would do it until she died.

“She doesn’t want to break her link with that.”


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