Princess Diana’s spooky dream foreshadowed future relationship breakdown with Charles


PRINCESS DIANA’S spooky dream about then-husband Prince Charles’ coronation eerily foreshadowed her future within the Royal Family and relationship with the heir to the throne, according to a well-respected author.

Diana and Charles officially separated in 1992 and divorced four years later after months of negotiations.

But, according to a well-respected author, the princess had premonitions about her royal future and even had a dream which spookily foresaw the breakdown of her relationship.

Speaking on this week’s episode of Podcast Royal, author James Patterson spoke about his upcoming book ‘Diana, William and Harry: The Heartbreaking Story of a Princess and Mother’, which delves into the late princess’s role as a mother and tells never-heard-before anecdotes about the much-loved royal.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana / Diana

Diana had a spooky dream that foreshadowed her relationship breakdown with Charles. (Image: Getty Images)

Diana and Charles wedding

Diana and Charles got married at St Paul’s Cathedral in 1981. (Image: Getty Images)

Queen’s relationship with Diana ‘started so well’ but ended in ‘forced smiles’

The Queen’s relationship with Princess Diana looked turbulent at times, especially given the breakdown of Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles. But according to a body language expert, the Queen’s relationship with her daughter-in-law “started so well”.

One anecdote from the book dates back to Diana’s relationship with Charles, and gives eerie insight into how the princess was feeling about her marriage to the British heir.

In the book, Mr Patterson wrote about a spooky dream the late princess had about her then-husband’s coronation.

Podcast Royal’s co-host Rachel Burchfield mentioned the story, saying she had never heard it before, describing the moment that “Diana jolted awake from a recurring dream about Charles’ coronation.”

The princess dreamt that her husband’s crown fit but hers did not, “leading her to believe — correctly — that she would never be Queen.”

Its host Martin Bashir asked the princess whether she thought she “would ever be queen.”

After a smile and subsequent sigh, the princess shook her head, saying: “No, I don’t, no.”

When asked why, Diana said: “I’d like to be a queen of people’s hearts, in people’s hearts, but I don’t see myself being queen of this country.

Diana, Princess of Wales

Diana sat down for an interview with Martin Bashir. (Image: PA)

“I don’t think many people will want me to be queen.

“Actually, when I say many people I mean the establishment that I married into because they have decided that I’m a non-starter.”

She continued: “I do things differently because I don’t go by a rule book, because I lead from the heart, not the head, and albeit that’s got me into trouble in my work, I understand that.

“But someone’s got to go out there and love people and show it.”

Known as ‘The People’s Princess’, Diana was widely recognised for her warmth and kindness.

Diana, Princess of Wales

Diana was known for her warmth and kindness. (Image: Getty Images)

She advocated for causes close to her heart, including bringing an end to the use of land mines, which saw the princess famously walk across a minefield during a visit to Angola, and working to fight the stigma surrounding those diagnosed with AIDS.

In another infamous moment, Diana shook hands with patients without gloves, showing compassion for those who were struggling and doing what she could to break that stigma.

Mr Patterson claimed the princess “through herself into her charity work” as the breakdown of her marriage became more apparent.

She also got her sons Prince William and Prince Harry involved in her charitable pursuits by taking the young princes on visits to various organisations including soup kitchens and clinics.

The Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex both support charities in Africa; Harry famously spent some of his gap year in the continent and later set up his charity Sentebale which cares for child victims of extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS in Botswana and Lesotho, while William is a royal patron of the Tusk Trust, which helps protect wildlife and conservation efforts across Africa.

The Duke of Sussex has also actively continued to fight the stigma of AIDS and HIV through his work with the Terrence Higgins Trust. The charity has previously praised him for “normalizing HIV testing to a global audience” and inspiring “a generation to take control of their sexual health”.

Both princes have spoken openly about mental health, with Harry even revealing the struggles he has faced in the past.

Last month, the brothers each paid homage to their mother and her charitable legacy separately.

In a letter to the winners of the Diana Award, William said they were the “personification” of her legacy, while Harry recorded an emotional video message that was shared as a part of the award’s virtual ceremony.

William praised the winners for overcoming barriers on their road to charitable success, saying: “Thank you for your compassion, bravery and absolute determination.

The letter continued: “You truly are the personification of my mother’s legacy and I know she would be so proud of you all.

Prince William and Prince Harry

William and Harry have continued to honour their mother’s legacy. (Image: Getty Images)

“I believe there’s no better way to celebrate her life and work than through recognizing incredible people who dedicate so much time and effort to helping those around them.”

Meanwhile, Harry said: “This is a special year, and one where I hope we take extra time to not just remember her as she lived, but to reflect on the life she continues to lead through so many, including the young change-makers with us today.

“My mother instilled in me, and in all of us, a drive to speak up and fight for a better world.

“And now, as a husband and a parent, my mother’s voice is even stronger in my life.”

James Patterson’s book ‘Diana, William and Harry: The Heartbreaking Story of a Princess and Mother’ will be published by Little, Brown and Company on August 15.

‘The Princess’ will air on Sky Documentaries on August 14 and will also be available to stream on NOW.


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