Princess Diana’s nickname for Harry shows she thought he was ‘better equipped’ to be King


Princess Diana called her youngest son a unique name to “make Harry feel that extra special”, according to a commentator.

The royal expert explained that the young Prince’s affectionate pet name was “used to make Harry feel that extra special.”

Prince William was also given a nickname by Princess Diana when he was growing up. “Both she and Charles referred to Willam as Wombat when he was much younger. It was given to him by Diana”, Mr Rae said.

This follows revelations in Prince Harry’s bombshell memoir, Spare, that he used to call the Prince of Wales, “Willy” and in turn was referred to as “Harold” by his brother.

Mr Rae, who authored The People’s Princess, noted that Prince William referring to his calling his younger brother Harold made little sense, given that Harry is not his real name.

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Princess Diana called Harry GKH (Image: Getty)

Diana, William & Harry At Thorpe Park

Princess Diana also had a nickname for Prince William (Image: Getty)

“Harold is a mystery as Harry’s correct name is Henry. I suspect it was William just having a little bit of fun with Harry.”

According to Mr Rae, Meghan Markle often refers to her husband as “H or Haz”, whilst his friends refer to the Duke of Sussex as “spike”.

Prince Harry and Prince William aren’t the only notable royals to have nicknames, however. The veteran royal reporter also said Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles and the Queen Consort all have been referred to by affectionate names.

Prince Harry's Memoir 'Spare' Released in London

Prince Harry revealed he called his brother ‘Willy’ in his memoir Spare (Image: Getty)

The King and Queen Consort Visit East London

King Charles and Camilla both also had nicknames for each other (Image: Getty)

Explaining why King Charles and Camilla call each other “Fred” and “Gladys”, Mr Rae said: “These are names they used before their marriage and chose them from characters in The Goon Show, of which they are both fans.

“Princess Diana also found jewellery engraved with the initials, F and G, of the pair’s secret nicknames. Diana revealed finding the jewellery in Andrew Morton’s book, Diana: Her True Story.

“The pair also have other nicknames for each other, including ‘darling’ and ‘mehbooba’. Camilla has been heard using the nickname ‘mehboob’, which means ‘my beloved’ in Urdu, for Charles on a number of occasions including back in February when she was giving a speech at the British Museum.”

The Patron's Lunch To Celebrate The Queen's 90th Birthday

Queen Elizabeth was called ‘Queen Cabbage’ by Prince Philip (Image: Getty)

“For a time she was called Gary by a very young Prince William, as he had difficulty pronouncing grandma. The Queen’s pet name was Lilibet and was constantly used by Prince Philip.

“Of course, Harry and Meghan’s daughter was christened Lilibet in her honour. Lilibet came about because the future Queen could not pronounce her name, Elizabeth.”


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