Princess Diana tried to escape ‘troubles and woes’ of royal life through ‘childhood dream’


PRINCESS Diana would often try to “escape” the woes of everyday life by pursuing a “childhood dream,” the late royal’s close confidant Derek Deane has revealed.

The programme’s narrator states: “When Diana feels under siege, she takes refuge in a childhood dream.”

“I think she tried to escape a lot, I think she had to,” continued Mr Deane.

“I think to try to keep her own sanity she had to get away from all her troubles and woes and her everyday life.

Princess Diana: Ballet 'was important in her life' says Derek Deane (Image: Getty)
Princess Diana: Ballet ‘was important in her life’ says Derek Deane (Image: Getty)

The ballet master added: “I saw her a lot because actually ballet was so important in her life.”

The new 90-minute one-off special features insights into Diana’s life from some of the princess’s closest confidants and companions

Former Artistic Director for the English National Ballet, Derek Deane (Image: ITV)
Former Artistic Director for the English National Ballet, Derek Deane (Image: ITV)

The documentary’s executive producer David Glover said: “There is something a bit magical about Princess Diana – and despite the difficulties in her personal life she managed to use her connection with people to do huge amounts of good.

“Her 60th birthday feels like the perfect time to re-examine her life and legacy and explore just how she went from a relatively unknown teenager to the most mourned person who ever lived.”

The ITV documentary also contains a rare interview with Diana Macfarlane, the Prince of Wales’s first cousin, who has never spoken publically before about the late royal.

Among the other revelations, Ms Macfarlane reveals that Diana kept photographs of a particular “childhood crush” by her bedside at school.

Ms Macfarlane told the show’s producers: “Life in the dormitory, you all had your bed and your bedside table and then there were cupboards to hang things.

“We had our teddy bears and everyone loved to have their photograph on their bedside table.

“The Monkey’s, Rod Stewart people like that,” she continued.

“But I can tell that she used to have photographs of Prince Charles around her bed at West Heath.

“Sort of a childhood crush really. With Diana, it was always pictures of Prince Charles.”


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