Princess Charlotte to be honoured with new title ‘to remember the Queen’ in blow to Sophie


The title of the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh is one of the most senior titles in the Royal Family.

“It would be a fitting way to remember the Queen – who, of course, had the title Duchess of Edinburgh – and a way for His Majesty to honour the line of succession.”

As the second child to Prince William, Princess Charlotte is the third in the line of succession after her older brother, Prince George.

Princess Charlotte’s line in the succession is unique because the laws of royal inheritance changed when the Princess of Wales was expecting her first child in order to allow women to hold the same primogeniture rights as men in the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth and Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte will reporedly inherit the Duchess of Edinburgh title from Queen Elizabeth (Image: Getty Images)

Picture of Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte will become the first women to be given the title by a monarch (Image: Getty Images)

A source told the Mail on Sunday: “Charlotte’s position is historically significant because she is the first female member of the Royal Family whose place in the line of succession will not be surpassed by her younger brother.

“So it is constitutionally significant that Charlotte should be given such a corresponding title, because it is not beyond the realms of possibility that she will accede the throne if, for example, Prince George does not have children.”

It was thought that the Countess of Wessex would be honoured with the Duchess of Edinburgh title if Prince Edward became the Duke of Edinburgh, inheriting the title from his late father.

The title of Duchess of Edinburgh has not been used since Queen Elizabeth II acceded the throne in 1952, she had held the Duchess title since 1947.

Upon the death of his mother, King Charles III inherited his father’s title but upon becoming King the title is now open to be given to one of his brothers which is the King’s decision.

However, it was previously reported that Prince Philip had expressed his wish for his youngest son to inherit his title, and Charles reportedly agreed to ensure this happened.

Picture of Prince William with Kate Middleton holding a baby Prince George

The laws of royal succession change for women when Kate Middleton was pregnant with Prince George (Image: Getty Images)

Picture of Prince Edward and Prince Edward

Prince Edward was expected to inherit the title from Prince Philip (Image: Getty Images)

“Of course, it will depend on whether or not the Prince of Wales, when he becomes king, whether he’ll do that, so we’ll wait and see. So yes, it will be quite a challenge taking that on.”

The Earl took over the Duke of Edinburgh Awards which were first founded by Prince Philip in 1956, in what was seen as Edward preparing to take over the responsibilities for the role.

A source close to the Earl of Wessex claimed that King Charles’s indecision of the Duke of Edinburgh after months of being monarch “had not gone unnoticed”.

Picture of all the royal family

A source said the title would be “a fitting way to remember the Queen.” (Image: Getty Images)

King Charles wishes to have a more progressive and modern monarchy in order to cut down spending on the Royal Family.

A royal insider said: “It shows you what the King is thinking. It’s about promoting those directly in line to the throne rather than those on the edges.”

Prince Edward and Sophie are thought to be “relaxed” about titles.


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