Princess Charlotte ‘influences’ Kate and Prince William and shows ‘high confidence levels’


PRINCESS CHARLOTTE appeared to be “leading” rather than following Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William during a recent royal engagement, according to an expert.

During their day out, Charlotte was spotted mimicking some of the gestures and poses made by her parents.

Body language expert Judi James agrees the young royals showed in Birmingham she is “picking up two sets of body language skills” from her parents.

However, the fourth-in-line to the throne also showed an impressive level of confidence last week, Ms James added, which “appeared to be having the effect of ‘leading'”.

The expert told “What we are also seeing at the Commonwealth Games though is a new set of body language behaviours from Charlotte that appear to be having the effect of ‘leading’ rather than copying her parents, suggesting her confidence levels are high enough in public for her to be influencing them as well as the other way round.

Princess Charlotte giving Prince William a thumb up

Princess Charlotte joking with her dad William (Image: GETTY)

Princess Charlotte looking surprised

Princess Charlotte looking at a swimming competition (Image: GETTY)

“She led her mother into their seats and she also seems to be leading the way when it comes to relaxing and having fun.

“Charlotte’s facial expressions that include tongue-poking, wide rounded eyes and all the more spontaneous, fun traits she showed as she watched the sporting action are not body language rituals that we tend to see from the much more reserved William and Kate in public.

“Even her emphatic ‘thumbs up’ gets a jovial ‘shocked’ reaction from her dad, making it her own ritual rather than one copied from him.

“Overall though we can see that they led to some gentle mimicry from both Kate and William, with Kate, in particular, widening her own eyes and later opening her mouth in a way that is similar to her daughter’s rituals of enjoyment.”

Princess Charlotte pulling a face during an event

Princess Charlotte showed confidence during her latest outing (Image: GETTY)

Charlotte’s vivid expressions were noticed also by members of the public, with some drawing a comparison between Kate and William’s daughter and their younger son Prince Louis.

The four-year-old stole the show during his appearances at the Platinum Jubilee weekend with his adorable reactions to the RAF flypast and the Pageant.

While Princess Charlotte showed a degree of independence during her recent outing, Ms James also noticed the set of skills she is learning from her parents.

She said: “As we grow older we often acquire different traits that might be learned from our peers or other role models but many of the traits that Charlotte is showing here might probably be with her for her lifetime, like the style of clapping she uses with the fingers curled as they part or the way she and her parents all lean forward with their hands in a semi-steeple when they are engrossed in something.

Princess Charlotte watching a sporting event in Birmingham

Princess Charlotte watching a hockey match (Image: GETTY)

Princess Charlotte clapping her hands alongside her parents

Princess Charlotte appears to be mimicking how Kate and William clap their hands (Image: GETTY)

“Charlotte shows here that she is picking up two sets of body language skills though: when the family are relaxed and enjoying the action there is the subliminal mimicry that defines them as a close, like-minded group.

“These will be gestures and facial expressions that are now embedded for Charlotte, meaning she will do them naturally without thinking about it.

“However, as a young royal, Charlotte is also on a life-long behavioural induction course and we can also see her acquiring many more consciously trained actions.

“She is seen moving forward socially to greet people, using eye contact and copying her mother’s amazing social smile in the meetings and when there is an official photograph to pose for she carefully adopts the same, more formal pose her parents are using.”

Ms James added Charlotte’s imitation of both Kate and William’s body language “shows her admiration of and closeness to both of them”.

During her first official visit to Birmingham, the young Cambridge didn’t just cheer on athletes but also took part in activities at the local base of SportsAid, a charity supporting young sportspeople and their families.

Charlotte, Kate and William were joined in the stands by the Wessex family.

Prince Edward, James, Viscount Severn, Lady Louise Windsor and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, were spotted greeting the Cambridges upon their arrival at the aquatic centre.

The Wessexes welcoming Princess Charlotte and her parents

Kate, William and Charlotte were joined by the Wessexes (Image: GETTY)

The two families sat only a few seats apart also at the University of Birmingham Hockey & Squash Centre.

There, Charlotte and the other royals watched the female English and Indian teams of hockey clashing.

The match ended 3 – 1 for England, a result which surely delight the royal home team’s supporters.


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