Princess Anne ‘never warmed’ to Princess Diana joining Royal Family ‘Anathema to her’


PRINCESS Anne never grew close to sister-in-law Princess Diana because of the younger woman’s personal approach to royal duty, an expert has claimed.

Princess Anne is known for her commitment to royal duty and has repeatedly been hailed as the most hard-working member of the Royal Family. Despite the effort Princess of Wales was known to make when on an official outing, the Princess Royal was reported not to approve of Diana’s way of conducting herself when meeting members of the public. Channel 5’s ‘When the Spencers met the Monarchy’ narrator Jennifer Saayeng said: “Among the Windsor children, there was one person who never seemed to have warmed to the idea of a Spencer joining the Firm – Princess Anne.”

Royal commentator Richard Kay, a close friend to the Princess of Wales, claimed Anne did not approve of the technique Diana employed to build up a relationship with members of the public.

Mr Kay said: “Tricky would be the best word to sum up the relationship between Anne and her sister-in-law Diana.

“Anne didn’t like the way she went about her engagements.

“All that touching and holding hands, that was anathema to Princess Anne, who was very formal and slightly haughty in the way she went about her official business.”

Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, said the “brusque” behaviour Princess Anne had towards many including Diana ultimately led the Princess of Wales to put a distance between herself and her sister-in-law.

Ms Seward said: “Diana basically just distanced herself from Anne.

“She found Anne very brusque and Anne couldn’t be bothered to deal with Diana’s histrionics.”

The royal author in the past suggested Anne had gone as far as treating Diana with “withering disdain” at times.

She said: “Anne was indifferent to Diana from the very beginning.

“She treated the woman, who by marriage to her elder brother might have become her queen, with withering disdain.”

Ms Seward recounted an encounter between Diana and Anne shortly after the then-Lady Spencer had just become engaged to Prince Charles.

The biographer claimed Diana had been “sensing Anne’s apathy toward her” and had wanted to break the ice with the woman who would soon become her sister-in-law but was met refused.

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Princess Diana remained “distant” from Anne because of her “brusque” character (Image: GETTY)

Princess Anne was reported to be trying to have her two children, Peter and Zara, settle down in the Windsor Castle nursery when Diana approached her.

Ms Seward said: “Diana, still only a Lady, gave the princess the benefit of a full curtsey and declared, ‘Ma’am, how wonderful to see you.’

“Anne is contemptuous of pretension at the best of times. When she was struggling with two small children she had no time for it at all.

“She looked up at Diana — and looked straight through her. Diana, confronted by the searing force of Anne’s scorn, fled the room.”


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