Princess Anne fury: Royal unhappy at ‘very bad’ mocking Prince George faces


PRINCESS ANNE would no doubt think a cartoon ruthlessly mocking Prince George is “very bad”, as the backlash against the US broadcast continues, an expert told Express co uk

Anne marks her 71st birthday today, with royals from across the Firm likely to wish the hardworking Princess happy returns. Alongside her birthday, Anne could also be celebrating if she makes history in the coming weeks and months by taking on the role of Captain General of the Royal Marines. If selected, she would become the first woman to hold the title.

According to a recent report, Anne was “very keen” to be placed in the position, and it is a role she could fulfil as well as her other military duties such as Patron of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity and Commodore-in-Chief for Portsmouth.

But royal commentator Howard Hodgson argued the Princess may not be completely happy, because of new HBO title The Prince.

It shows the young royal – who is just eight years old – and his trials and tribulations behind the walls of Buckingham Palace, with the likes of his parents Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, both appearing as well.

Fury erupted at the cartoon, which makes a number of jokes aimed towards other royals including the Queen, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, due to the fact its main protagonist, George, is the subject of most of the gags, and is still such a young child.

Princess Anne fury: Royal unhappy at 'very bad' mocking of Prince George

Princess Anne fury: Royal unhappy at ‘very bad’ mocking of Prince George (Image: GETTY)

Princess Anne turns 71 today

Princess Anne turns 71 today (Image: GETTY)

It led to a huge debate on shows such as ITV’s Good Morning Britain (GMB), where Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu argued the broadcast was “not funny” and that children were “off-limits” when it came to ridicule.

Mr Hodgson told that Anne would think the cartoon was “very bad” but that also she “knows that she doesn’t talk much about” that sort of backlash.

He noted: “Princess Anne does a huge amount of work, unsung. She’s only second to the Prince of Wales in attendances at various functions up and down the country throughout the year.

“Obviously, William is going to be taking on a bigger role now because of Charles taking on a bigger role from the Queen as she approaches her 96th year.

Prince George alongside The Prince cartoon (Image: GETTY/HBO)

“It will change a bit but Anne is largely sidelined, largely has a happy life, won’t interfere, won’t rock the boat. To be somebody like William and Kate it is very difficult. Kate is simply somebody who is exemplary.

“She stands behind her husband, good mother, very good ambassador for country and she isn’t going to rock any boats, and not over the George cartoon.”

Asked what type of an impact shows such as The Prince, or other less-complimentary shows like The Crown or The Windsors, would have on the Firm, Mr Hodgson added: “The fact is they will just keep the line of the Royal Family going and it will be that and they’ll just take anything like that in their stride.

“The more attention we give it, the more we encourage it. The fact is the Royal Family will just ignore the most of it, out see it and it will just go away.”

Prince George with the Queen in the cartoon

Prince George with the Queen in the cartoon (Image: GETTY)

The Prince was originally intended for release earlier this year, but out of respect for the Firm – who were grieving the loss of Prince Philip – it was moved back to later in 2021.

It’s created by Gary Janetti – who himself voices George, while Orlando Bloom is Harry and Iwan Rheon cast as William.

Mr Janetti has spent years in the TV business, previously working on programmes in the US like Will & Grace and Family Guy.

When the series was announced, some observers speculated that it could actually help the Royal Family reunite – particularly William and his brother Harry.

Stephen Armstrong argued in the Telegraph the two brothers could speak out against the show, as both families are shown during its broadcast.

He wrote in a piece titled ‘The Royal Family will soon be united – in hatred of HBO’s ‘cruel’ Prince George satire The Prince’: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will secure a lucrative deal with HBO and unite the Windsors by giving them all the same target to hate.

“So, all hail Gary Janetti, creator of upcoming HBO Max animated series The Prince.

“You may not have heard of him yet, but he’s soon to be even more unpopular than Piers Morgan among a certain sector of royal watchers.”

Alongside Mr Armstrong, other figures from TV and film companies also hit out at The Prince.

A producer at Disney, argued “it’s one thing for film-makers to play fast and loose with the truth in shows like The Crown but poking fun at a [then] seven-year-old child seems cruel and unfair”.

They added: “Some things should be off-limits. It’s morally wrong to use a child to get cheap laughs.”

Meanwhile, Kayleigh Donaldson of Pajiba, criticised Mr Janetti, saying that the series “lacks intent and appropriate targets”.

She concluded: “It’s just post after post of a 54-year-old man pretending to be a child so that he can spew the mundane level of misogyny that both the general public and the royal media already deal in.”


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