Prince William Responded To Princess Diana, James Hewitt’s Affair By Doing This


Prince William Responded To Princess Diana, James Hewitt’s Affair By Doing This

Prince William had the most touching response to Princess Diana and James Hewitt’s affair years ago.

During her 1995 interview with Martin Bashir for Panorama, the Princess of Wales confirmed that she shared an intimate relationship with Hewitt.

“James was a great friend of mine at a very difficult, yet another difficult time, and he was always there to support me. And I was absolutely devastated when this book appeared, because I trusted him, and because, again, I worried about the reaction on my children. And he’d rung me up 10 days before it arrived in the bookshops to tell me that there was nothing to worry about, and I believed him, stupidly. Then when it did arrive, the first thing I did was rush down to talk to my children,” Princess Diana said (via The Sun).

Prince William Photo C GETTY IMAGES
Prince William Photo C GETTY IMAGES

After Princess Diana told her children the truth about her relationship with Hewitt, Prince William approached her with a box of chocolates and said, “Mommy, I think you’ve been hurt. These are to make you smile again.”

In her interview, Princess Diana confessed to being unfaithful to Prince Charles just like he was unfaithful to her while they were still married. She also said tat she adored Hewitt.

“Yes, I adored him. Yes, I was in love with him. But I was very let down. There was a lot of fantasy in that book, and it was very distressing for me that a friend of mine, who I had trusted, made money out of me. I really minded about that,” she said.

During her interview, Princess Diana and Prince Charles were still legally married, but they were already separated. Their divorce was finalized a year after the interview. And in 1997, Princess Diana tragically passed away following a fatal car crash in Paris. At that time, her affair with Hewitt was already over, and she was dating Dodi Al Fayed.

Source: ibtimes com

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