Prince William and Kate ‘might move to royal lodge’ says host


A new poll has shown widespread support in favour of the Prince and Princess of Wales moving their family into a larger property.

Prince William and Kate ‘might move to royal lodge’ says host

Prince William and Kate Middleton moved their family of five into the four-bedroom Adelaide Cottage on the Windsor Estate last summer. A new poll has found almost three-quarters of readers think they should move to the Royal Lodge, currently occupied by Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, with some suggesting that they “move directly” into Windsor Castle.

The Prince and Princess of Wales moved to Windsor from Kensington Palace to give their three children – Prince George, nine, Princess Charlotte, seven, and Prince Louis, four – a more “normal” upbringing with privacy in a rural setting.

The Royal Lodge could soon be available following reports that Andrew’s annual allowance could be cut, meaning he won’t be able to afford the maintenance on the property he has lived in for 20 years.

One royal expert has claimed that the family should consider moving to a larger property. Writing an opinion piece for the Daily Mail, royal editor Rebecca English said: “For now they are in Adelaide Cottage, a not immodest residence by anyone’s standards but with just four bedrooms (not even one for the nanny) they are living cheek-by-jowl.

“As one familiar with their situation tells me: ‘The kids go to playdates at houses far bigger and grander than theirs’. A first-world problem admittedly, but one that would be solved if, say, a 30-room, seven-bedroom property such as Prince Andrew’s Royal Lodge became free.”

William and Kate visit Windsor Foodshare

Almost three-quarters of readers think the Wales family should move to the Royal Lodge (Image: Samir Hussein/Getty)

In response, ran a poll from 9am on Tuesday, March 7, to midday on Thursday, March 9, asking readers: “Should William and Kate move to Royal Lodge?”

Overall, 2,917 votes were cast, with the vast majority of readers, 74 percent (2,152 people), answering “yes” they should make the move.

Whereas 20 percent (575 people) said “no” they should not, and a further six percent (190 people) did not know either way.

Dozens of comments were left below the accompanying article as readers shared their thoughts on whether the Wales family should move.

Many readers argued in support of the family moving, with username kzoomer writing: “If the Royal Lodge is refurbished…perhaps that would be best for Kate and William.”

Username Heffalump said: “William and Catherine have a growing family. Because of their royal commitments and the fact they are often out or away together, they really need a nanny living with them.

“Adelaide Cottage does not provide for this, but they took the property at the time to be nearer to the ailing Queen. It would make sense for them to move to Royal Lodge after the repair work is finished.”

Similarly, username snowleopard said: “If William and Kate can afford to renovate this fine house and get it back to what it should be, absolutely. As the future King, they should live where they will be happy, and safe.”

Wales family at Platinum Jubilee

The family lives in the four-bedroom Adelaide Cottage on the Windsor Estate (Image: Getty)

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Another, username amberamerican, said: “Confused, why wouldn’t the next in line to the throne not live in Windsor Castle? I thought that the Royal Lodge usually homed royals down the line or the Queen Mother. While I can understand their motive for moving to Adelaide [Cottage], things have changed for this family and I’d love to see them at Windsor!”

However, other readers argued that they should not move, with username natal writing: “Prince William and Princess Catherine should stay away from that place. They deserve better than that.”

Username Kiran G said: “No, the Royal Lodge needs massive repairs and maintenance and therefore no reason to spend taxpayer money on this property.”

And username Tgs5995 said: “No. They should not move there. It’s not their home. It was given to Prince Andrew and he should be able to remain there, if he chooses.”

Wales family walking to school

Many readers thought that the family should move into Windsor Castle (Image: Getty)

While username Woody6 said: “If they want Royal Lodge then as senior royals and heir apparent, they should be able to move there and Andrew move out.”

Some readers commented that if the family wanted to move from Adelaide Cottage they should consider Windsor Castle. Username boogiegk wrote: “No, they should move into Windsor Castle if they are looking for a larger home.”

Username Guinevere said: “If Adelaide Cottage has turned out to be too small, I think William and Catherine should move directly into Windsor Castle, when they are comfortable doing that.”

Likewise, username USALady commented: “I would prefer they move into Windsor Castle, unless the Royal Lodge offers more privacy. It is wrong for Andrew, as a non-working royal with no minor children, to be living in a 10-bedroom house…while the Wales’s don’t have room for a nanny under the same roof.”

Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew signed a 75-year lease on the Royal Lodge in 2003 (Image: Getty)


Meanwhile, others remarked that a move may not be necessary if the family are content with Adelaide Cottage. Username Mrs2u said: “Ultimately it would be up to William and Kate, and I think they are happy where they are for now.”

Username Risensun commented: “My response is I don’t know if they should or should not. I do believe HRH Prince William and HRH Catherine Princess of Wales should choose the best fit for their family. When single they lived humbly now they have shown their children that experience.”

Andrew signed a 75-year lease on the Royal Lodge in 2003, but the condition of the property is worsening. An insider told The Sun last week: “Royal Lodge is in a terrible state and it is falling down. Millions were spent when Andrew moved in but that was 20 years ago. Barely any work has gone on for two decades and people are shocked when they visit.

“There is a serious issue with damp that needs to be rectified and that isn’t cheap on a house of that size. It also needs a new roof. Not only does Andrew not have the finances to bring the home up to scratch, it would be uninhabitable when the work is being carried out.”


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