Prince William and Harry ‘didn’t know circumstances’ of Diana’s death until after inquiry


PRINCE William and Prince Harry “didn’t know the circumstances” of their mother’s death until after the inquiry was released, the lead investigator into Diana’s death claimed.

These included “when she died” and “what did she say”.

He added that “beyond that, I don’t want to declare what the conversations were.”

However, he did note that it was “very emotional” and that he, himself, “was quite emotional”.

prince william, harry and diana

Prince William and Prince Harry pictured with their mother (Image: GETTY)

princess diana, prince william and prince harry

Princess Diana with her two sons (Image: PA)

The lead investigator added that the inquiry was a “difficult thing”.

Looking back at the time, he said: “I think it was the day before the report was published, and we published it to the world

“I said, you know, ‘did you want to see me’, I didn’t say me, I said ‘do you want to see us’.

“I went along with two other people who are part of the investigation and women detective inspector and outside the door, we were going to see them at Kensington Palace, [they] said no we only want to see you, that’s me.

“So I went in there and we had, it was over an hour, I can’t remember exactly how long, an hour, an hour and a half [and] I outlined what the conclusions were for about ten or fifteen minutes.”

He concluded: “Then the rest of the time was them asking questions”, adding “which you’d expect” as they did not know the circumstances.

Speaking in the 2017 BBC documentary entitled ‘Diana, 7 Days’ about Diana’s funeral, William recalls how, at the time, he and his brother, “couldn’t understand” why the public were distraught over their mother’s death as they “didn’t really know” her.

prince william and prince harry at diana's funeral

Prince William and Prince Harry amongst mourners at Diana’s funeral in 1997 (Image: PA)

“They were shouting, wailing, literally wailing at us, throwing flowers, and yelling, sobbing, breaking down, people fainted, collapsed. It was a very alien environment.

Lord Stevens’ comments come ahead of the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death on August 31, 2022.


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