Prince Philip’s left in shock after unplanned title change ‘His world collapsed’


PRINCE Philip saw “his world collapse” after he was catapulted into a new position earlier than he and the Queen expected.

Mr Palmer told ITV’s documentary Philip: Prince, Husband, Father: “When they heard the news in ’52, that the King had died, I think his world collapsed.

“His natural place of service for Navy was no longer possible. And I think it was a huge shock.”

Gyles Brandreth, an author and friend of the late Duke, said: “It happened sooner than anyone might have hoped because the old king, George VI, died at a much earlier age than anyone would have ever wished for.”

Prince Philip once expressed his concern over the loss of his Naval career to marry the young Princess Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Philip (Image: Getty )

Earl Mountbatten (left), Admiral of the Fleet, and the Duke of Edinburgh at the main parade at the Royal Marine Barracks, Eastney, Southsea, October 2

Earl Mountbatten (left), Admiral of the Fleet, and the Duke of Edinburgh at the main parade at the R (Image: Getty )

He said: “As far as I am concerned, there has never been an ‘if only’ except, perhaps, that I regret not having been able to continue a career in the navy.”

After his marriage with Princess Elizabeth in 1947, Prince Philip served in Malta before being forced to resign and return with his family to the UK to help Princess Elizabeth carry out official engagements on behalf of her ailing father.

Former BBC Royal Correspondent Jennie Bond said: “In 1951, King George VI became ill with what was later revealed to be lung cancer.

“It fell to Elizabeth and Philip to take on more royal duties in his place. This included a tour of the Commonwealth nations in early 1952. They were going to be away for several months.”

Royal biographer Robert Jobson added: “So they set off for Kenya, hoping that when they came back the king would be okay, but it was not to be.

“Just days after their departure on February 6, King George dies in his sleep.

“A royal aide was the one who broke the news to Philip.

“Philip just looked absolutely ashen-faced because I think he realised that his entire life at that moment was going to change.”

Royal author Ingrid Seward told Channel 5: “I think he went into shock, put a newspaper over his head and just absorbed this terrible news. Then he went to tell his wife.”

The Duke of Edinburgh with Captain McGregor (left) and his uncle Earl Mountbatten.8th November 1947. (Image: Getty )

“She is now the Queen, he is now the consort and the life they had before is over.”

Pamela Hicks, daughter of Lord Mountbatten and Prince Philip’s cousin confirmed that Prince Philip couldn’t be the First Sea Lord which is the highest position in the British Navy because his wife, Princess Elizabeth became the Queen before he got the position.

She said: “Philip was superb because it was much worse for him, the end of his career, he would have been First Sea Lord.

“He gives up his career. He’s always going to be walking three paces behind his wife, and the whole court and aristocracy are against him.”


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