Prince Philip feared Harry and Meghan were making a ‘big mistake’ moving to California


Biographer Gyles Brandreth, who is a known close and trusted confidant of senior members of the Royal Family, has shared how Prince Philip reacted to the infamous interview both Prince Harry and Meghan gave in 2021.

However, the biographer has also reported that Queen Elizabeth had a more relaxed attitude, dismissing both the interview and Prince Harry and Meghan’s Netflix deal as “this television nonsense”.

Writing for the MailPlus, Mr Brandreth said: “The Queen was devoted to Harry. She loved him, she thought him ‘huge fun’, and she truly wished him well in his new life abroad.

“Whenever Harry called his grandmother from Montecito, he was always put through to Her Majesty immediately.”

Prince Philip apparently once told the biographer that he believed Queen Elizabeth’s greatest quality was her tolerance, and he reportedly said: “She is infinitely tolerant and forgiving”.

Picture of Prince Philip

Prince Philip thought Harry and Meghan’s Oprah interview was “madness” (Image: Getty Images)

The biographer also noted that Prince Philip was “not pleased” about the Oprah interview and did not believe that Meghan and Harry “were doing the right thing” for Britain or themselves.

Mr Brandreth wrote: “The Duke of Edinburgh was not pleased: he did not believe Harry and Meghan were doing the right thing, either for the country or for themselves. ‘It’s a big mistake to think about yourself,’ he told me, more than once.”

According to Mr Brandreth, Prince Philip added: “It’s a big mistake to think about yourself.

“Remember that the attention comes because of the position you are privileged to hold, not because of who you are.

“If you think it’s all about you, you’ll never be happy.”

Pictures of a series of newspaper headlines after the Oprah interview

Prince Philip did not believe Meghan and Harry were “doing the right thing”> (Image: Getty Images)

Picture of Prince Harry

Prince Harry was reportedly “distressed” to give up his royal patronages and military appointments. (Image: Getty Images)

Mr Brandreth wrote: “Harry and Meghan could do as they pleased, but they could not represent the Queen while doing so.

“Their HRH titles would be put in abeyance and Harry, to his dismay, was required to give up his royal patronages and military appointments.

The biographer added: “Harry was distressed, as he put it, ‘that it should come to this’. So was his grandmother.”


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