Prince Louis’ Kensington Palace nursery ‘haunted’ by spooky ghost of ‘wild boy’


Kensington Palace has been the site of many ghostly and supernatural experiences over many years.

However, the Wales’ former central London home has been the site of much alleged supernatural activity over the years.

During the 1970s Princess Margaret’s housekeeper claimed that she saw a woman in regency style clothing in the apartment.

She also claimed that on a separate occasion she and the butler were woken up by screaming when they were the only people in the building.

‘Peter the Wild Boy’ who it is claimed haunts the nursery was brought over from Hanover by King George I.

Prince Louis

Prince Louis ‘ former nursery is said to haunted (Image: Getty Images )

Kensington Palace

The Waleses lived at Kensington Palace before moving to Windsor (Image: PA )

The monarch was fascinated by this boy who lived in the woods, walked on all fours and was unable to speak.

It is now believed that the boy was suffering from a very rare form of Pitt Hopkins syndrome.

Peter arrived in Britain in 1726 and the then Prince of Wales took a great deal of interest in his welfare.

However attempts to teach him to learn to speak or write failed.George I

A portrait of George I from 1935 (Image: Getty Images )

Peter The Wild Boy

A drawing of Peter The Wild Boy from around 1780 (Image: Getty Images )

It is thought that Peter died at the age of 70 and he is buried at St Mary’s Church in the village of Northchurch near Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire.

Some of the other apparitions that are said to haunt the 17th century palace include Queen Caroline and Queen Victoria’s aunt, Princess Sophia supposedly sitting at a spinning wheel.

It has even been claimed that King George II still haunts the palace.

George II

George II is said to haunt Kensington Palace (Image: Getty Images )

“Why won’t they come?” he moans.

Originally a Jacobean mansion the palace was built in the then village of Kensington in 1605 and became a home for Stuart and Georgian monarchs.


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