Prince Louis defended against ‘disturbing’ criticism after video with Kate goes viral


The video showed the little boy acting rambunctiously, but fans have railed against “rebel” label.

Prince Louis, the youngest of Prince William and Princess Kate’s children, brings joy with his sweet antics.

The young royal is often described in headlines and by the public as being “hilarious”, “cheeky” and a “rebel”.

But, some royal fans have taken umbrage at this particular description.

One fan wrote: “People, the ‘fans’ really have to stop with the f**king ‘jokes’ about Prince Louis. He’s five years old, he’s very well-behaved for a kid his age. Yes, he gets fidgety like all kids his age, but he’s not the rebel or whatever stupid thing people are saying. Seriously, STOP.”

She addressed Prince Louis’s recent day out with his mother and siblings at the Big Help Out on May 8.

Prince Louis painting

Prince Louis is often described in headlines as being “hilarious”, “cheeky” and a “rebel” (Image: GETTY)

In it, Louis and his mother Kate painted their hands and then left their prints on the wall. Twitter user @isaguor said: “He wasn’t being ‘a rebel’ he just wanted to put his handprint next to his mum’s.”

Other internet users agreed with the original poster.

@JadeHead1 said: “When I hear people saying he’s ‘a rebel’ or ‘a handful’ I’m like no, he’s a five year old boy. I think he does absolutely amazing for his age.”

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The Coronation Of Their Majesties King Charles III And Queen Camilla - The Big Help Out

Prince Louis enjoyed a recent day out with his mother and siblings at the Big Help Out on May 8 (Image: GETTY)

Another user, @Doll34985409, added: “He’s cute and the fact that grown-up people are criticizing him for acting his age is very disturbing.”

@gianna_pidgeon wrote: “He is so adorable. The hate he gets is just so wrong. Let him be.”

@Tiz2005 said: “He is a five-year-old boy doing what all kids of his age do. He seems like a happy, lovely boy. I wish people would stop trying to label him as naughty.”


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