Prince Harry Netflix series will be ‘immensely painful’ and ‘heartbreaking’ for William


The one-close bothers appear to have drifted over recent years, with widespread speculation of a rift between them.

In October 2019, Harry responded to speculation about a rift between him and his older brother, telling an ITV documentary the two were “on different paths at the moment” but he loved William “dearly”.

Speaking before the release of the documentary series on Thursday morning, foreign policy expert and Royal Family enthusiast Nile Gardiner told “This will be immensely painful for Prince William.

“Prince Harry is fundamentally destroying his one-close relationship with his brother and the rest of the Royal Family. He is embarking on an incredibly destructive downward spiral.

prince harry prince william netflix

Prince Harry’s documentary series will be ‘immensely painful, for Prince William, an expert has said (Image: GETTY)

prince william prince harry

Prince Harry said he and Prince William were ‘on different paths’ but he loved his brother ‘dearly’ (Image: GETTY)

“This is a knife in the back for Harry’s own family. He is behaving like an enemy of the Royal Family, and it must be heart-breaking for Prince William and King Charles.”

The Queen and Prince Philip are not alive to see the documentary series or experience the backlash, but Mr Gardiner said both would have been “absolutely appalled”.

He believes it would have been “tremendously painful” for them, and attacked Harry and Meghan for the release of their documentary series three months after Her Majesty died aged 96.

The Royal Family enthusiast added: “The Queen and Prince Philip will no doubt have been absolutely appalled by this Netflix documentary series, as well as the actions of Meghan and Harry. This would have been tremendously painful for them to see.

prince harry prince william

There has been mounting speculation of a rift between the two brothers (Image: GETTY)

Harry and Meghan have kept their Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles – despite giving up their roles as working members of the Royal Family when they moved from the UK to the US.

But Mr Gardiner believes the time has come to finally strip them of these titles following the release of the documentary series.

He took to Twitter to launch a furious attack against the couple, writing: “Completely unfit to carry Royal titles.”

He said in an exclusive interview with “The time has come for Meghan and Harry to absolutely be stripped of their royal titles.

queen prince philip

The Queen and Prince Philip would have been ‘absolutely appalled’ by the series, an expert said (Image: GETTY)

prince harry meghan markle

There are mounting calls for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to be stripped of their royal titles (Image: GETTY)

“They are doing their best to trash the reputation of the British monarchy and their titles should be removed as soon as possible.

Mr Gardiner added: “The monarchy represents the British people. This Netflix documentary is not only insulting to the Royal Family, but it is also a slap in the face to the British people as well.

“They have now totally destroyed any positive ties with the British people and Royal Family.”


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