Prince Harry is ‘easy to mock’ because ‘he’s a bit stupid’ says author behind Spare parody


EXCLUSIVE: The author behind the satirical version of Prince Harry’s memoir has described his take on the royal’s bestselling book as “an affectionate parody” as he spoke about how easy it was to mock.

prince harry spare us parody

Prince Harry’s memoir has been parodied by Bruce Vincent (Image: Littlebrown)

Prince Harry’s bestselling memoir Spare has been parodied in a spoof biography titled ‘Spare Us! A Harrody’ by author Bruno Vincent. The 42-year-old former book editor is best known for his series of humorous takes on Enid Blyton’s Famous Five collection but decided to try his hand at a parody of the Duke of Sussex’s book because “there was a lot of meat in there” to tear apart.

He described his book as “an affectionate parody rather than a merciless takedown”, adding: “A book that was just filled with bile and hate would be very unpleasant to write and very joyless to read.”

The author said the parody was more about making light of the royal than being cruel, and said: “I naturally gravitate towards just poking fun, which I think is pretty much the British national sport.”

He continued: “The target for the book wasn’t necessarily about Harry himself, it was just the whole project of the autobiography. I found it easy to mock.”

prince harry parody

Bruce Vincent described his book as ‘an affectionate parody’ (Image: Getty)

Mr Vincent noted a few bizarre aspects of the book, particularly that a Briton had written something so obviously targeted to a US audience, noting how jarring it was for a UK reader.

The frequent references to the US sitcom Friends were also a bit much, he said, as well as his habit of “wandering off into philosophical ramblings”.

But the author did have some choice words to say about his impression of Harry’s memoir and the royal himself.

“[The aim of the book] was to poke fun at Harry a bit – but not in a cruel way,” he said. “It’s just the book, reading his book, I found it funny. And in some cases, very silly and it deserved to be poked fun at.”

Mr Vincent added that while he believes the Duke was in “a difficult position” and sympathsied that it wasn’t his fault that he was born into royalty, he added: “It’s not his fault that he’s basically a bit stupid – it’s not his fault.”

Prince Harry spare us parody

Bruce Vincent ruled out writing a parody if Meghan Markle decided to pen a memoir (Image: Getty)

Meghan and Harry didn’t expect ‘humiliating’ jokes about Spare, former friend says

For Spare, Prince Harry earned an advance of at least $20 million according to reports. But the book also earned its fair share of criticism and mockery.

A former friend of Meghan Markle has told Express she and Prince Harry have now become “low hanging fruit for Hollywood comedians”, and the couple wouldn’t have expected the “humiliating” jokes.

The author said he hopes his parody will appeal to both critics and fans of Prince Harry, whilst also providing readers with some entertainment as he believes its the funniest book he has written.

While he most enjoyed reading the firsthand accounts of conversations between the Royal Family behind closed doors, the favourite part of his book is a conversation between Harry and Meghan when they first started dating.

The excerpt reads: “‘I hear that you are in the hit US TV drama Suits,’ I said.

“It’s a seemingly never-ending soap opera about tiresome, privileged people bitching, manipulating and betraying each other for power,’ she replied.

“‘Let’s not talk about my family,’ I said. ‘Tell me about Suits…’”.

Mr Vincent has been taken aback by the initial response to his book, which will be published from Saturday, April 1.

But he ruled out doing a take of Prince Andrew’s memoir – if the King’s brother decides to pen a book. Mr Vincent said: “If Prince Andrew writes an autobiography and I’m approached to do a parody of it I’m going to change my name and move to Venezuela.

“No, I’m not going to do a parody of Prince Andrew’s autobiography.”

He also appeared to rule out parodying Harry’s wife Meghan if she decided to publish a memoir.

For now, Mr Vincent is returning to writing children’s books, which he said “couldn’t be more different” than his Spare parody.


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