Prince Harry inspires ‘Royal Silencer’ burger as US grows fed up with Duke of Sussex


Prince Harry’s memoir Spare was met with mixed reviews, resulting in the Duke of Sussex’s already-ailing popularity taking a

Prince Harry: Commentators laugh at ‘todger’

Prince Harry’s memoir and media appearances have been mocked by US burger chain Wayback, whose special menu now includes the “Royal Silencer” sandwich. The “one-of-a-kind” burger was “designed to silence the urge to spill family gossip to media outlets, book publishers and documentarians alike”, the fast food chain said in a statement. In a further dig at the Duke of Sussex, Wayback noted the burger is made up of three patties, including “a spare patty for the world’s most notable ‘spare'” – a reference to his memoir.

President Patrick Conlin reinforced his company’s stunt by inviting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to try one of the burgers.

Conlin said: “Remember, no matter the family situation, there isn’t a problem in the world that cannot be resolved over a good burger.

“If you are legitimately royals living in the United States, we hope you’ll come by and have one on us.”

The swipe comes as new polls showed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s popularity took a “hammering” in the United States since the release of Spare.

prince harry burger royal silences us popularity

Prince Harry’s memoir was honoured with a new burger (Image: GETTY)

Pollsters Redfield and Wilton conducted a survey before and after the publication of the memoir to assess the couple’s standing with the American public after the latest batch of bombshell allegations.

Following the release of their Netflix documentary in December, Prince Harry could boast a +38 popularity rate among participants but after Spare was released the Duke saw his numbers drop to -7.

Meghan followed a similar pattern, witnessing her +23 popularity rate plunge to -13 since Harry’s biography came out last week.

And Prince Harry faced criticism over his decision to include private conversations within in book, with The Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel branding the move as “crazy”.

Samantha Markle slams Prince Harry saying he needs ‘counselling’

prince harry meghan markle popularity rate

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s popularity dropped since the release of Spare (Image: GETTY)

Speaking in her podcast, Frankel noted the inclusion of messages between Meghan and Kate, the Princess of Wales was out of the “Housewives handbook”.

She told the ReWives podcast: “So, the Harry and Meghan book has been extremely explosive and such a pop-culture phenomenon and it doesn’t even matter what my opinion is, or what anyone’s opinion is.

“When the texts between Meghan and Kate were made public—which just, like, that’s so crazy that someone could share with the media texts between family members, much less royal family members, it’s crazy.

“I bet you in the future, family members will have to sign NDAs or they’ll get sued.”

prince harry prince william spare part

Prince Harry claimed to have been born to provide William with “spare parts” (Image: GETTY)

Prince Harry shed further insight into his difficult relationship with Prince William, claiming their bond has been repeatedly tested since childhood.

He claimed the brothers were routinely called “the heir and the spare” by family, and bizarrely claimed to have been born to provide the Prince of Wales with life-saving “parts” in the

The Duke said: “Two years older than me, Willy was the Heir, whereas I was the Spare. I was the shadow, the support, the Plan B.

“I was brought into the world in case something happened to Willy.”

The Duke claimed his role was to provide, “if necessary, a spare part” to him: “Kidney, perhaps. Blood transfusion. Speck of bone marrow.”


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