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Prince Harry ‘goes nuclear’ with Royal Family and still has ‘serious chip on his shoulder’


Prince Harry ‘goes nuclear’ with Royal Family and still has ‘serious chip on his shoulder’

The Duke of Sussex was in London this week for a preliminary hearing in a privacy lawsuit against Associated Newspapers London.

Prince Harry arrives at the High Court in London

Prince Harry has been accused of going “nuclear” on the Royal Family as he aims to take down both the Firm and the media with his appearance in court. The prince is one of several celebrities who have brought a claim against the publisher Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL) for breaches of privacy, an allegation that ANL denies, however Harry has also claimed his family “withheld information” from him regarding phone hacking being carried out by the press.

In his witness statement the prince wrote of the “Institution” withholding information from him regarding the possibility of hom taking legal action against those who allegedly invaded his privacy.

He said: “The Institution made it clear that we did not need to know anything about phone hacking and it was made clear to me that the Royal Family did not sit in the witness box because that could open up a can of worms.”

Royal commentator Daniela Elser wrote in news.com.au that although Harry had every right to pursue his case if his claims turn out to be true, there was no need for him to go “nuclear” on his Firm.

Prince Harry Court Case Enters Final Day

Prince Harry at the Royal Courts of Justice yesterday (Image: Getty)

King Charles And Queen Consort in Hamburg

The King and Queen Consort are currently on a royal tour in Germany (Image: Getty)

Prince Harry voted second most popular royal to succeed King Charles, in shocking new poll

Prince Harry is the surprising second choice to be the next monarch in a new poll, despite his attacks on the Royal Family in his memoir Spare and Netflix TV series. In first place was the first in line to the throne Prince William, who received the vast majority of the votes for who should succeed their father King Charles.

She said: “The man seems physically incapable of opening his mouth and not taking a pot shot at his relatives. His regular Starbucks order is probably a venti decaf oat milk mocha while droning on at the barista about how William got more sausages than him at breakfast.

“Harry’s London appearance is cold, hard evidence that even after Netflix and Spare, even in the face of all the consequences, he has no intention of retreating or deciding to let go of past royal family mistakes, as he sees them.

“When it comes to his crusade against The Firm, he is like a Terminator with a serious chip on his shoulder, plenty of grudges and what I’m assuming are a baker’s dozen of barristers who by now live in his pool house.”

Prince Harry Court Case Enters Final Day

Harry was seen smiling for the media as he arrived at the court (Image: Getty)

Committal Service Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Prince William came in for criticism in Spare for getting more sausages than Harry at breakfast (Image: Getty)

It is not believed that Harry spent any time with his father and older brother while in the UK, although Charles already had a packed schedule as he and the Queen Consort flew to Berlin on Wednesday for their first state visit as monarchs.

He had also been due to be in France at the beginning of the week, however this trip had to be postponed due to violent protests over pension reform in the country.

The Prince of Wales is thought to be in Norfolk spending quality time with his family during the Easter break before preparing for the Coronation.

Harry and Meghan at the Queen's funeral

It is not known whether Harry and Meghan will return for the Coronation (Image: Getty)

Tensions between the Sussexes and the Firm are still running high, however Charles is keen for both his sons to be in Westminster Abbey for the historic event.

Harry and Meghan have been known to come back to the UK for large royal events, such as the Platinum Jubilee and Queen Elizabeth’s state funeral.

However if they do make an appearance they are likely to remain in the background and have no official role to play.


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