Prince Harry baby: What did the Queen give Harry HOURS before royal baby announcement?


Prince Harry baby: What did the Queen give Harry HOURS before royal baby announcement?

PRINCE HARRY and Meghan Markle are expecting their first child, revealing the news just five months after their wedding in May. But what did the Queen give Harry just hours before the announcement was made public?

Meghan Markle is pregnant, having released the news to the public early this week while on tour in Australia.

Meghan and Harry revealed the next Royal Baby is on the way, destined for delivery in Spring 2019.

The royal baby was announced to the public via Kensington Palace on Monday to public celebration.

Meghan and Harry revealed the news to other members of the Royal Family earlier the previous week, however.

And Prince William and Kate, the Queen and Prince Philip, and his father Prince Charles were able to congratulate the happy couple at the wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank.

Before announcing it to the rest of the family, Harry first told his grandmother, the Queen.

Her response to the news was to provide Harry with a treasured position at her side.

Prince Harry has been named Personal Aide-de-Camp by the Queen, which bestows some big responsibilities on the Prince.

The official announcement came from the Court Circular, which read: ”The Queen has been pleased to appoint The Duke of Sussex as a Personal Aide-de-Camp to Her Majesty with effect from 13th October, 2018.”

The Personal Aide-de-Camp position is awarded by the Queen as an official military role.

Only people who have served in the military as a senior officer can take the role.

And the position is normally awarded to Royal Family members.

Primarily an honorific position, as Aide-de-Camp Harry will be a representative for the Queen at certain events, including the State Opening of Parliament.

There are certain ways of dressing for the role when performing these duties, which for Harry will be wearing a golden aiguillette (braided rope).

Set over the right shoulder and chest of a military uniform, the rope is distinguishing for that role only.

Those taking on the position will be permitted to use post-nominal letters after their name (as one might with a degree or certain accreditation) of ADC(P).

What will the royal baby be named?

Despite the announcement only being recent, people are already theorising on future names.

At the moment ‘Harriet’ is trending according to bookmakers Ladbrokes.

Harry’s discussion about possible names while on tour in Australia prompted a flurry of bets forcing odd slashes from 66/1 to just 33/1.

Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: “Royal punters will look for any giveaways over the next few months and Harry’s recent comments suggest his first born might just share a similar name with the Prince himself.”