Prince George and Charlotte’s ‘impeccable behaviour’ took ‘years of training & induction’


KATE MIDDLETON and Prince William took their eldest children Prince George and Princess Charlotte to the Party at the Palace concert on Saturday night. What were their parenting skills like?

Judi James, a body language expert spoke exclusively to about William and Kate’s parenting techniques.

She said: “With Kate sitting at one end of the family group and William at the other we got a chance to see how the royal parents managed what must have been a mammoth challenge.

“That is, keeping two young children engaged and impeccably behaved in front of the world’s cameras for nearly three straight hours at night.

“This was following a royal visit to Wales during the day that must have already tired them out,” the expert noted.

Kate Middleton and William are 'powerful role models' as parents claims expert

Kate Middleton and William are ‘powerful role models’ as parents claims expert (Image: TWITTER / KENSINGTON PALACE)

The Cambridge family at Party at the Palace

The Cambridge family at Party at the Palace (Image: PA)

Why was Prince Louis, four, not in attendance?

Judi explained: “Charlotte and George are past the age where, like little Louis, they will tend to be a bit of a wild card.

“But what we were witnessing was probably down to hours if not years of training and induction into this launch into their life-long role as royals.”

Do Charlotte and George idolise their parents through their behaviour?

Judi commented: “Unlike William and Harry when they were young, George and Charlotte seem to have no tendency to wind each other up in terms of any potential naughtiness.

“Both seem to have chosen a parent each to role model.

“George and William look like a firm double-act, with George mirroring both his dad’s clothing and style and his body language.

“They often sat leaning together as they watched the acts.

William and George were a 'double act' at concert claims expert

William and George were a ‘double act’ at concert claims expert (Image: GETTY)

Charlotte was a 'mini' version of Duchess of Cambridge claims expert

Charlotte was a ‘mini’ version of Duchess of Cambridge claims expert (Image: GETTY)

“When William waved his flag to sing the chorus of Sweet Caroline, George mimicked his waving while providing the ‘Pom pom pom’ of the backing.

“They didn’t even need to look at one another to perform this number, suggesting they’ve been singing it together regularly at football matches.”

What was Princess Charlotte like with her mother?

Judi opined: “Charlotte, meanwhile, emerged as a sweet mini-me of her mother.

“She had copied her mother’s centre parting and her deep red outfit looked similar to something Kate would wear, with its matching coat.

“Kate seemed to use a step-back form of parenting here rather than watching her daughter like a hawk, suggesting high levels of confidence in her behaviour.

“When Charlotte arrived she chatted to Zara in the seat behind and turned to smile at another guest, all without prompting from Kate.

“Kate often spoke with the person on her other side and looked happy leaving Charlotte to sit watching by herself,” the expert acknowledged.

Did the Duke and Duchess emerge as “powerful role models” as parents?

Judi added: “What both William and Kate were clearly also doing other than providing powerful role models for their children to mimic and mirror, was to use bouts of active enthusiasm signals to suggest they were building anticipation and stepping up the fun on a long night.”


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