Prince Charles won’t put up ‘for one moment’ with Andrew and Harry ‘shenanigans’


PRINCE Charles will take a different approach to the Queen, and will “not stand for any nonsense” after becoming monarch, claims a royal author.

A royal expert has claimed that Prince Charles will want “to be seen to be strong” after succeeding the Queen to the throne, and will take a more firm approach to the scandal surrounding Prince Andrew and the relationship with Prince Harry. Ingrid Seward said that whilst Her Majesty was able to “sail serenely” through this recent turbulent period for the monarchy, the Prince of Wales will not tolerate any “shenanigans” that could impact the reputation of the Royal Family.

“I think it will be very different, I don’t think for one moment that Prince Charles is going to stand for all these shenanigans.

“I think as he has said, it will be a much slimmed-down monarchy and he won’t be raising money for charities for them.

“He won’t have time for all that, he will be concentrating on being monarch and he won’t be able to deal with his charity works anymore, he’ll be out of all that.

“But I don’t think he’s going to put up with his brother’s behaving badly, if indeed they have done or anyone else for that matter.

Prince Charles won't tolerate 'shenanigans'

Prince Charles won’t tolerate ‘shenanigans’ with Prince Andrew (Image: Getty Images)

Prince Harry has openly criticised his father

Prince Harry has openly criticised both his father and the Royal Family (Image: Getty Images)

“I think he will have to be quite strong because he’s aware that he probably isn’t going to be the most popular king, certainly to begin with.

“He will have to be seen to be strong and not stand for any nonsense, whereas the Queen has been there and done it, been there for so long that she’s able to sail serenely through these wavy waters.”

Recent scandals to engulf the Royal Family have been the lawsuit filed against Prince Andrew on the grounds of , and the ongoing rift with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

On August 10, a former alleged victim of offender Jeffrey Epstein filed a civil case against Prince Andrew, under New York’s Child Victims Act.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre claims that the Duke of York abused her on three occasions, once at the London home of Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell, and twice at Epstein’s She claims that the Duke acted in full awareness of her age and that she was “a victim of trafficking”. At the time of the alleged assault, Ms Giuffre was 17 years old, whilst the legal age of consent in the US Virgin Islands remains 18.

Her lawyers claimed: “Twenty years ago Prince Andrew’s wealth, power, position, and connections enabled him to abuse a frightened, vulnerable child with no one there to protect her. It is long past the time for him to be held to account.”

Prince Andrew has consistently denied all allegations made against him, telling BBC journalist Emily Maitlis in 2019 that the supposed abuse “never happened”.

He was recently spotted at Balmoral, along with other senior members of the Royal Family, including the Queen and Prince Charles.

Since 2019, he has been removed from royal duties and has withdrawn from public life.

Prince Charles is also dealing with an ongoing rift with his youngest son, Prince Harry, who has openly criticised the Royal Family since his departure in 2020.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced in January of last year that they would be stepping down from their roles as senior royals. Since then, they have conducted a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, where they detailed the breakdown of their relationship with Buckingham Palace.

Allegations included the Royal Family ignoring Meghan’s mental health, denying their son a title and refusing to intervene with the tabloid press.

The most damaging accusation however, was that an unnamed member of the family had made a racist remark about the skin colour of their unborn son.

Prince Harry has continued to conduct interviews where he has openly criticised his father, and is next due to release his memoir in the autumn of 2022.


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