Prince Charles may take a new name as King following royal tradition


PRINCE Charles may take a difference name when he ascends the throne, following a royal tradition.

When Prince Charles ascends the throne he could change his regnal name to any of his middle names, per tradition. Queen Elizabeth II declined the offer when she ascended the throne. When asked what name she would like to be called by Martin Charteris, her private secretary at the time, she simply stated: “My own of course.”

Royal experts Christina Garibaldi and Christine Ross spoke about regnal names on Royally US podcast.

They said: “Charles could change his name when he becomes king.

“I found that this was a pretty interesting thing. I don’t know if he’ll actually do it, but he can if he wanted to.

“Right? It’s so interesting. So when the sovereign ascends the thrown and they can choose a regnal name.

Charles may change his name

Prince Charles may change his name when he becomes King (Image: Getty)

Queen Elizabeth kept her name

Queen Elizabeth II kept her name (Image: Getty)

They said: “Becoming the sovereign is such a religious experience, so they are becoming this new person altogether.

“Elizabeth declined. She said, Elizabeth is my name, that’s what I’m going to be.

“But her father George VI was actually Albert, and his brother Edward VIII was actually David.

“Historically, you do tend to take the new name.

They added: “Interestingly, both Elizabeths and Queen Victoria did not. They were known by those names and they kind of kept those.

“So Prince Charles could become King Charles the third, or he could be King Phillip, King Arthur or King George, because historically they can use any of their given names and those are his middle names.

“I wonder what he’ll do. I feel like we’re so used to calling him Prince Charles, it’s just been natural for us to call him King Charles.

“That is up to him whether he chooses to do so or not. So we’ll see.”

Prince Charles is the longest serving heir to the throne, becoming heir apparent when his mother became Queen in 1952.

He celebrated his 73rd birthday on Sunday.


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