Prince Andrew is more popular than Harry and Meghan, shock poll reveals


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have had a rough ride in the US after the release of the duke’s autobiography.

Harry and Meghan ‘definitely invited to coronation’ says expert

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are so disliked in the US that even Prince Andrew is more popular, it has been revealed. A new poll shows Harry and Meghan’s approval ratings have plummeted across the pond following the release of the duke’s controversial autobiography Spare.

Prince Andrew isn’t beloved in the US after he paid a settlement to end a sexual assault case, but he still fares better than the Sussexes. His approval rating is -2, with 26 percent of Americans liking him and 28 percent disliking him.

The shock result comes as Harry and Meghan have been ridiculed following the release of Spare and scathing South Park episode that mocked the couple’s supposed quest for privacy.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle in New York

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s popularity in the states has taken a dramatic turn for the worse (Image: Getty)

Prince Harry Memoir 'Spare'

Prince Harry’s Spare autobiography appears to have backfired big time (Image: Getty)

Prince Harry’s popularity has plunged 48 points since December, according to the Newsweek poll, while Meghan’s has dropped by 40 points.

US commentators have also sniped at the increasingly unpopular couple, suggesting Americans have already had enough of the pair since their move to a colossal mansion in California.

TV host Megyn Kelly warned last week that Harry and Meghan had “jumped the shark” and “won’t recover” from their rinsing on popular cartoon show South Park.

She said: “I feel this is a pronouncement that they have jumped the shark, they are not beloved and her hopes of running for President, reported hopes, are all but dashed.

“That’s not happening. When South Park turns on you, there’s no recovering.”

South Park showed a fictional Prince and Princess of Canada on a “worldwide privacy tour” in a not-so-subtle nod at the Sussexes.

The pair are also depicted as annoying neighbours in the show’s fictional Colorado town, shouting about their want for privacy through megaphones while setting off fireworks.

Harry and Meghan were reportedly rocked by the South Park episode as clips went viral online.

The Princess Of Wales Visits Slough

Kate Middleton is the most popular living royal with Americans (Image: Getty)

Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield claimed that Meghan is hoping to turn her terrible popularity ratings around as the Sussex brand looks under threat.

She told Fox News Digital: “Meghan does not handle rejection well and is very sensitive to criticism.

“Spare was the first real shift we saw from the general public about the Sussexes.

“They went from being seen as victims and heroes to a laughing stock.”

The latest Newsweek poll found she was America’s most-loved living royal, with a net approval score of 32 percent.

This was only a slight dent on her December score, which put her net popularity rating at 43 percent.


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